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  • Race for glory on Mario Circuit in a new Mario Kart Wii competition


    Mario Kart Wii lets you match up in 12-player races against drivers the world over. Now, you can show off your racing skills in a Nintendo-sponsored worldwide competition!

    Our newest contest runs from 1 May until 10 May. Now’s the time to get online and show you’re the best!

    Here are the details for the contest:
    Take on a VS Race challenge against 11 other racers on Mario Circuit! Try as many times as you like and get the best time you can!
    So turn on your Wii and go to the Mario Kart Channel to get in on this contest. For more information about Mario Kart Wii’s many online options, visit the game’s official site.

    Mario Kart Wii is in shops now, only on Wii.

    Please note that from May 2010 onwards, previously run Mario Kart Wii competitions will be repeated, although the rules for each competition may differ from when they previously featured. As we will no longer be listing upcoming competitions on this website, be sure to keep an eye on the Mario Kart Channel for the latest competition details.