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  • Iwata Asks: Nintendo DSi XL


    The Nintendo DSi XL is the brand new handheld system from Nintendo arriving in Europe on March 5. The system has all the features of the Nintendo DSi system, but sports the largest screens of any Nintendo DS at a massive 4.2 inches each, making for a more comfortable play and breathing new life into existing games.

    Nintendo President Satoru Iwata sat down with the development team behind the creation of this latest handheld to get an insight into the design process. Learn how development of the console was inspired by a never-released extra-large version of the Nintendo DS Lite, the dilemmas of choosing a console colour and how, even with the availability of modern technology, sometimes a simple drawing with pen and paper is the best way to realise a concept.

    Iwata Asks: Nintendo DSi to fill yourself in on the story behind the Nintendo DSi XL.

    The Nintendo DSi XL will be available from shops March 5.