Dragon Quest IX events across UK


News update - Dates for London and Reading events have changed! Please see below for the updated info. See all details here!

Are you among the many adventurers who have journeyed into the expansive world of Dragon Quest IX since its release earlier this year? If so, you’ll be glad to hear we’re offering our loyal Dragon Quest fans the opportunity to share their world with fellow Celestrians. We’re also giving you the chance to get access to exciting content, including special boss Estark, when you enter Tag Mode!

Special events will be taking place up and down the country this month to bring Dragon Quest fans together, with Gamerbase in HMV stores acting as a meeting point on the following dates:

Edinburgh - Monday, 25th October
Glasgow - Tuesday, 26th October
Manchester - Wednesday, 27th October
London - Thursday, 28th October
Reading - Friday, 29th October

Make sure you come equipped with your Nintendo DS and copy of Dragon Quest IX and you’ll be able to share maps, characters and information with other players.

There will also be the chance to enjoy some exciting multiplayer action and share your passion for Dragon Quest. If you and three friends attend together, you will all get an exclusive Slime giveaway.*

*While stocks last

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies is in shops now, only for Nintendo DS.