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    1st December 2010 – Calling all Ape action fans! Friday December 3rd sees the return of gamers’ favourite ape duo in the release of Donkey Kong Country Returns. To celebrate the latest instalment of the classic Donkey Kong franchise hitting the shelves, Nintendo Wii is teaming up with leading games retailers GAME and GameStation to give away the first copies of the game for Donkey Kong’s favourite currency: bananas.

    The first 20 Donkey Kong Country Returns fans to present a bunch of bananas at GAME stores in Oxford Street London and Merry Hill Dudley, or GameStation at Prospect Centre, Hull, from 8 am on Friday morning, can take home the game for free!

     “Donkey Kong is as crazy about bananas as ever in this new take on a classic game,” said Neil Ashurst, spokesperson at GAME. “They’re a kind of currency, so why not let Donkey Kong’s biggest fans use them to buy the game? Donkey Kong Country Returns is great fun, so we want to see imagination on Friday morning. Fancy dress, bananas aplenty – anything goes.”

    Nearly two decades after Donkey Kong Country burst onto the scene, Donkey Kong Country Returns follows the dynamic duo, Donkey Kong™ and Diddy Kong’s™, quest across jungle, beach and ruins to rescue Donkey Kong’s precious banana hoard from an array of enemies.

    The offer opens at 9 am on Friday December 3rd GAME stores in Oxford Street London and Merry Hill Dudley, and 8 am at GameStation, Hull. So grab that gorilla suit, arm yourself with a bunch of bananas and get ready to embrace the apes!