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  • WiiWare celebrates its 100th game with the launch of LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias


    This week sees the launch of the 100th WiiWare game and to mark this momentous occasion, the eagerly anticipated LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias comes exclusively to WiiWare this Friday. 

    What makes this week so exciting is that the release of the original, award-winning LostWinds game marked the launch of WiiWare in May last year, so what better way to celebrate the 100th game than with the launch of the LostWinds sequel; LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias.

    The following new releases are now available in the Wii Shop Channel:


    New, original games offering something for everyone!

    LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias
    Celebrate the 100th WiiWare release with the sequel to one of the original WiiWare launch titles! In this epic platform adventure, harness the power of the wind with your Wii Remote and lead brave young Toku through beautiful yet dangerous lands. You can even change the seasons, from summer to winter and back again, at will!

    Happy Holidays Halloween
    Planning a Halloween party? Want to get creative with the invitations? Then here is the solution. Happy Holidays Halloween lets you make fun spooky-themed e-cards - complete with characters, costumes, decorations and music - and send them straight to friends' Wii consoles!

    Virtual Console
    Enjoy classic games from yesteryear on your Wii console!

    Final Fight 2 – Super Nintendo
    After taking a beating at the hands of Haggar and co. in the first Final Fight, the Mad Gear gang is back for revenge! Play solo, or team up with a friend in the cooperative two-player mode, as Haggar or two new fighters, each with their own unique signature moves.

    Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap – SEGA MASTER SYSTEM
    Following on directly from the events of Wonder Boy in Monster Land (also on Virtual Console), the third Wonder Boy adventure on the SEGA MASTER SYSTEM sees the heroic youngster scouring the land for a mystical artefact, to rid himself of a curse that transforms him into different animals.

    Nintendo DSiWare
    The following new Nintendo DSiWare releases are now available:  

    Photo Clock
    Turn your Nintendo DSi into a digital photo frame, complete with alarm clock function. Choose from a selection of clock and alarm types, and use the photo feature to display a slideshow of images taken with the Nintendo DSi camera.

    Take control of a squad of mighty monsters from the Dragon Quest universe and wage war against computer-controlled opponents, with friends using DS Wireless Play or even against players worldwide via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection!

    About WiiWare (Wii Shop Channel)
    To discover more about WiiWare and read about the other WiiWare games currently available, visit the WiiWare home page.

    About Virtual Console (Wii Shop Channel)
    The Virtual Console is a treasure trove of classic games from past consoles like N64, NES, SNES, SEGA Mega Drive, SEGA MASTER SYSTEM, NEOGEO, Commodore 64 and TurboGrafx (PC Engine) and even the arcade era!

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    About Nintendo DSiWare (Nintendo DSi Shop)
    Nintendo DSiWare offers an ever-expanding collection of games and applications exclusive to Nintendo DSi. From useful applications like the Nintendo DSi Browser to bite-sized versions of your favourite games, there's always something new in store!

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    About Nintendo Points
    With your Nintendo DSi or Wii wirelessly connected to the Internet you can access the Nintendo DSi Shop or Wii Shop Channel and start browsing. In the Nintendo DSi Shop, you can turn Nintendo Points into Nintendo DSi Points and redeem them for Nintendo DSiWare games and applications. In the Wii Shop Channel, you can turn Nintendo Points into Wii Points and redeem them for Virtual Console games, Wii Channels or WiiWare games. Nintendo Points can be purchased at retail outlets. They can also be bought directly as Nintendo DSi Points in the Nintendo DSi Shop, or as Wii Points in the Wii Shop Channel. Click here to read more about Nintendo Points for the Nintendo DSi.