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  • Wii Internet Channel now free!


    1 September, 2009 – From today, anyone can now access the Wii Internet Channel for free*, allowing many more households to get online via Wii.

    By connecting your Wii to the Internet, you'll open your living room up to a world of possibilities! The Wii-specialised web browser enables people to connect wirelessly to the Internet then surf, shop or even watch online catch-up TV services via their console.

    The fast-booting Internet browser will create a new relationship between the family, the TV, and the Internet. This Channel uses the full Internet browser from Opera Software, which also supports Adobe Flash.

    Surfing the web with the Wii Remote is simple for the whole family. It lets you zoom in on areas of interest with ease and browse your favourite websites at leisure.

    The Wii Internet Channel previously required 500 Wii Points. Starting later in October, Nintendo will be offering a NES title from Virtual Console worth 500 Wii Points to those Wii owners who have already spent 500 Wii Points on the Wii Internet Channel.

    Further details on claiming this Virtual Console title will be announced via the Wii Message Board and here on the official Nintendo of Europe website.

    * There are no fees or subscriptions to pay (Usual broadband line rental and Internet Service Provider costs apply when accessing Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection at home).