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  • Peek into the wild world of NEW PLAY CONTROL! Donkey Kong Jungle Beat


    Long has it been claimed that the mighty lion may lay hold to the honorary title of “king of the jungle”, but our observations tell a different tale.

    Delving beneath the canopy of trees that shield the activities of the jungle from above, we find an altogether more regal beast busying himself with the duties of the day. With a grace that defies his size, and a strength that seems inconceivable for one so mobile, this great ape is a wonder of the natural world whose antics must be seen to be believed.

    As we peer from the undergrowth, it is possible to observe the animal (who curiously wears a red tie emblazoned with the letters “DK”) apparently undertaking a personal mission of some kind. At a glance, it is clear he possess a healthy share of both friends and enemies. In our observations we have witnessed him being assisted by creatures of land, sea and air as he confronts other beasts – some that appear from a safe distance to be at least 10 times his size.

    As with many of the apes we have observed, the primary ambition of this arboreal animal seems to revolve around the collection of bananas. But while this is not uncommon, the manner in which he amasses his stash of fruit is anything but conventional.

    With breathtaking displays of agility, we have seen the beast leaping off of walls, performing back flips and using almost every element of his surroundings as a personal playground of sorts. It appears his chief aim in these exploits is to keep his feet off the ground for as long as possible and string together combinations of moves that allow him to collect even the most obscurely positioned of bananas.

    It is clear there remains a great deal to observe as we attempt to get to the bottom of where this creature came from and what exactly he is trying to achieve. For now though, marvel at this footage of him in action and share in our awe at the day-to-day antics of the one we now affectionately know as DK.