In shops tomorrow: a boy and his blob


Available in shops from tomorrow, “a boy and his blob” is a brand new version of the classic NES game of the same name. You play a small boy trying to save the land of Blobolonia from the threat of an evil emperor. Along the way he picks up a new friend – “blob”, who can change into a multitude of different objects depending on which flavour of jellybean the boy feeds him. The boy has to overcome a myriad of obstacles and solve numerous tricky puzzles by using the blob’s abilities to progress through the game environment.

We got together with Sean Velasco from WayForward Technologies to chat about the game. We covered blob basics such as the storyline and puzzle-creation, but also looked deeper into the development process, unearthing detail on the challenges WayForward faced and what they plan for the future…

You can read the whole interview at our dedicated “a boy and his blob” gamepage by clicking here.

"a boy and his blob" is in shops Friday, November 6, only for Wii.