In shops now: Nintendo presents: Style Boutique


If you live and breathe fashion and have always dreamed of setting up your own clothing store, then Nintendo presents: Style Boutique for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi, launching across Europe today, is the one for you!

Nintendo presents: Style Boutique challenges you to run your own fashion store as a style consultant, handpicking your own stock from over 10,000 items, taking part in Fashion Contests, putting together collections and even playing against other stylists in multiplayer mode. Working your way up from shop assistant in a store, you’ll offer clothing advice and outfits for customers, making sure you take each client’s own style and personality into account to make a successful sale.

Soon you’ll be the owner of your own store and using your creativity to style the mannequins, dictating the atmosphere by choosing the interior and music, creating promotional Mailouts and deciding when to hold sales. You can also download new items, some of which have been designed by real fashion brands - the first of these collections is available now and has been created by world-renowned designer Charlotte Ronson. For a preview of the collection, as well as full details on every other aspect of the game, visit the official Nintendo presents: Style Boutique website here.

If you want to put your style skills to the test before taking on the full game, you’ll be glad to know you can download a playable demo of Nintendo presents: Style Boutique right now via the Nintendo Channel on your Wii console. Just follow the simple steps below!

How to download demos from the Nintendo Channel:

1. Make sure your Wii is connected to the Internet and go to the Nintendo Channel. If you don’t have the Nintendo Channel yet you can download it for free from the Wii Shop Channel.

2. Click on the “Find Titles for You” link and then select the “DS Download Service” option.

3. You’ll see a list of currently available demos from which you can select the Nintendo presents: Style Boutique demo.

4. Now turn the power ON on your Nintendo DS and select the option “DS Download Play” from the menu.

5. Once your Nintendo DS has connected to your Wii console, you just need to accept the software download and you’re ready to play!

Plus, if you like to make a fashion statement with your games consoles as well as the games themselves, you’ll be excited to hear that the popular Nintendo DSi now comes in three new colours! Available across Europe from today, you can choose from Metallic Blue, Light Blue and Red to add a splash of colour to your Nintendo DSi experience!

Nintendo presents: Style Boutique is available in shops now, only for Nintendo DS.