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  • Ever wanted to get inside Bowser's character? Now's your chance!


    27 August 2009 – Mario and Luigi reunite for a role-playing adventure like nothing you’ve seen before.  In Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, coming to Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi across Europe on 9 October 2009, everyone’s favourite two brothers are not just exploring the pipes of a new world so much as the pipes of their biggest foe: Bowser himself!

    That’s right – for the first time, you won’t just be dealing with Bowser’s fiery breath, you’ll be exploring his fiery innards!  At the start of the game, Bowser inhales Mario and Luigi, which leads to the duo exploring organic environments inside the grumpy monster, such as his stomach, arms and legs.  In another exciting first, you can control either Bowser on the top screen or Mario and Luigi on the Touch Screen, but can always switch between them.

    The story sees Bowser tricked by the villainous Fawful, who is seeking to conquer Mushroom Kingdom, into inhaling everyone inside Princess Peach’s castle! From that point on, Mario and Luigi are forced to work with their old enemy, Bowser, to stop Fawful and save Mushroom Kingdom… but can Bowser be trusted?

    The game follows Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, which hit the Nintendo DS in 2006, and features a brand new storyline, the ability to play as Bowser, including giant battles in which the Nintendo DS is held sideways/book-style, the ability to perform all of Bowser’s special attacks with the stylus, new abilities for Mario and Luigi and a stronger focus on Touch Screen gameplay, including additional mini games.

    As Bowser, you’ll explore a variety of themed outside locations, shown from an isometric top-down perspective.  As Mario and Luigi, you’ll explore levels in classic 2D-sidescrolling perspective, like in classic Mario platform games.  Whoever you are controlling, you can activate a map which offers an overview of the regions visited and those still to be discovered.  In classic role-playing fashion, you’ll encounter puzzles that need solving, meet plenty of familiar and new characters, collect various items, spend collected coins in different shops – and, of course, get drawn into some tasty battles!

    Battles are turn-based, in which you’ll fight lots of different enemies by strategically selecting different attack commands.  In Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, however, about half of the game is played as Bowser, and he has his own set of actions – punching enemies, breathing fire to burn down obstacles or perform stomp attacks.

    The new story and twists to the gameplay make this game a sure-fire hit – get to know Bowser inside and out when Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story launches on Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi across Europe on 9 October 2009.