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  • 05: A New Power
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    Professor E.Gadd's Research Journal

    05: A New Power

    Thanks to Gooigi's adventures in the mansion in the past, I found myself with an ample supply of ghosts from that place! So equipped, I began researching ways to enhance Gooigi's abilities beyond that of any normal person.


    The first step was to analyse the energy extracted from the ghosts. Just as I expected, their energy was structurally different from the ghosts of Evershade Valley.

    Thus, I concluded that there are many types of ghost energy. Some appear to be large molecules tightly bound together. Others are smaller molecules, but no less tightly bound. Still others have only loose connections to one another!


    Even with this discovery, I still had to consider what kind of special improvements I could give Gooigi... After all, although Goo is made from the energy of ghosts in Evershade Valley, its properties differ greatly from the ghosts themselves. Unfortunately, this makes it impossible to give Gooigi the same abilities as ghosts, like being able to vanish at will or pass through solid walls.


    But perhaps there was something to the viscosity of the Goo itself... Of course! Gooigi's basic makeup could allow him to slip into or through tight spaces, such as grates or fences, while still retaining his human shape! This...this could be the perfect enhancement to his abilities! I daresay it could be one of my greatest inventions to date!


    Suitably motivated, I began testing various mixtures of ghost energy and Goo, seeking the perfect combination to alter the Goo's viscous properties. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned.

    In my initial testing, I found that combining Goo with the loosely bound molecules resulted in it being entirely unable to hold any sort of form. And yet combining Goo with the tightly bound molecules resulted in a rigid substance that couldn't move at all!


    Like all successful, accomplished, and brilliant scientists, I continued to experiment! After more tests than I can count, all fruitless, I suddenly had a breakthrough! The final formula seemed to let Gooigi retain his form while still giving him a fluid quality when needed. A perfect balance!


    I did not hesitate for a moment before applying this new composition to Gooigi. Just as I hoped, Gooigi was able to easily slip between bars or pass through narrow pipes! Heh heh heh! With my diligent application of science, I was able to create a new, special power unique to Gooigi!

    I pictured a gallant Gooigi, master of this newly imbued ability, and I exhaled with satisfaction (and a bit of fatigue). Having pulled off yet another successful experiment, I decided it was time for a break with a fresh cup of Lunoman Greenie coffee blend.

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