03: The Birth of Gooigi
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Professor E.Gadd's Research Journal

03: The Birth of Gooigi

This mysterious element I've come to call Goo has proven unlike any other element I know of. I'm confident that I can make great strides in my research if I can teach Goo to collect ghosts for me!

My greatest invention, the Poltergust, is undeniably the best way to capture ghosts. I realised that Goo could learn to master the Poltergust if only I could cause it to adopt a humanoid form. The experiments began at once!


First, I created a mould that I could pour Goo into. This went smoothly, and when I removed the mould, Goo was in fact in a human shape! But only a few short moments later, Goo returned to its original form. It seemed Goo was not able to easily hold a shape without help...


It seemed I was at a dead end, until I remembered the biological data that the Pixelator captured when Luigi used it! Taking that data and converting it into an electrical signal, I was able to then input it into Goo. The result was...exactly as predicted! Goo shapeshifted into an exceedingly green copy of Luigi right before my eyes! I never doubted my genius!


In order to teach Goo, now in the form of Luigi, how to collect ghosts for me, I showed him the vast amount of footage I had of Luigi doing exactly that! Just as I expected, Goo began to mimic Luigi's movements – he even transformed a part of his body into a perfect replication of the Poltergust!

This progress has exceeded even my most ambitious expectations! I'm so good I even scare myself!


However, I must keep reminding myself that all great discoveries require a disciplined approach! Progress in the lab is wonderful, but soon the practical test of ghost collecting begins! There's only one more thing to do: name Goo, who now holds the shape of Luigi.

Easy! He looks like Luigi, so I shall call him...Gooigi!

With Lunoman Greenie coffee blend in hand, I must now determine the perfect place for Gooigi to test his abilities...

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