Mod Chips

Mod chips are circumvention devices used to bypass the security measures embedded within Nintendo’s console systems, including Wii. Mod chips are soldered to the internal motherboard of the console, voiding the console warranty.

I want to play games released in the US or Japan on my Wii and I have been told that I need to ‘chip’ my European Wii to do so.

Regional locking enables Nintendo to include parental controls in both its hardware and game software, enabling compliance with different age-rating models throughout the world. Using a mod chip or other method of breaking regional locking circumvents the security embedded within the Wii hardware system.

There are many different types of mod chips, manufactured primarily in China. Examples include:

Other types of mod chips include:

  • Wii Clip
  • Argon and Argon 2
  • D2C Key
  • D2SUN
  • Wasabi
  • Infectus