Paper Mario: Color Splash

Paper Mario: Color Splash

System: Wii U Release date: 07/10/2016

Solve the mystery behind the colourless Toads and save Prism Island in Paper Mario: Color Splash, a hilarious action-adventure only on Wii U!

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The most colourFUN adventure ever!

When a blank Toad is mysteriously mailed to Princess Peach, our hero Mario sets sail for Prism Island, a papery paradise that’s losing its colour and needs your help. With the help of a new sidekick named Huey and a nifty new tool called the paint hammer, splash colour back into the world and track down the culprit behind this curious colour crime.


Crafty work

From sun-soaked beaches to fiery hot volcanoes, seek out Paint Stars big and small to open up new paths and even entire regions of Prism Island to explore. Everything in this world is made of paper, which means anything is possible! When an obstacle stands in your way, snip it out of the picture using the Cutout technique, and use even more crafty tricks to navigate papery puzzles.


Ready for a scrap

When baddies approach, take them on in turn-based battles where good timing is just as critical as strategic know-how. Make your moves by choosing Battle Cards and powering them up with paint on the Wii U GamePad touch screen and, when you’re ready, flick them up to the TV to deal some damage! There are lots of Battle Cards to try out – some will summon enemies to fight alongside you, while others can conjure up unlikely objects such as Fire Extinguishers or Hair Dryers with overwhelming powers.

Restore colour to Prism Island and unravel the mystery of the blank Toads in Paper Mario: Color Splash, only on Wii U.

Ready to get started? Head to our Story & Character section to see how this tale unfolds…


"Hey!!! Why does Mario get to hog all the glory? If you ask me, Rescue V are the real heroes of this adventure… and we’ve got proof! Check out our heroic deeds for yourself."

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As the colour fades, a mystery unfolds…

Meet the cast

Paper Mario: Color Splash is chock-a-block with familiar faces – plus some brand new ones. Let’s see who made the cut for this vibrant adventure:



Our paper thin hero has all kinds of foldy talents! Armed with his new paint hammer, Mario is ready to take a whack at restoring colour to Prism Island.



Not your ordinary talking can of paint. Huey will join Mario on his journey and provide helpful hints along the way.


Princess Peach

This plucky princess accompanies Mario to Prism Island in the hopes of finding out who sent her that blank Toad? Could there be some trickery afoot?


The Toads

These fun guys are having their colour sucked out of them by Slurp Guys. Use the paint hammer to get them back to good old selves.


Rescue Squads

These intrepid Toad troupes are always willing to help those in need. Visit the Rescue V section to see them in action!


Slurp Guys

These thieves are sucking the colour out of anyone and anything. Surely they can’t be the masterminds behind this plan?



Who could possibly be behind all of Prism Island’s troubles? We’re completely out of ideas…

Now you’re up to speed, see what’s in store for our cast in the Gameplay section!



Prism Island needs your help! Restore colour to the island by solving paper-based puzzles, battling bad guys and collecting Paint Stars. Grab your paint hammer and get to it!

A paper paradise in peril!

Slurp Guys are sucking the colour out of everything, and with the Big Paint Stars missing, the different regions of the island have only gone and sealed off! Typical.

Finding a Mini Paint Star will open a new course for you, while Big Paint Stars will open up new areas of Prism Island.

Check out some of the exotic delights Prism Island has to offer:

Hammer time

When you see a colourless spot or a blank Toad in need of a paint job, give it a wallop with Mario’s nifty new paint hammer. Splash colour back into the world and you might get some coins or a useful item for your good deeds.

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Cut it out!

If you’re stumped by a puzzle, why not try cutting it out? Using the Cutout technique will flatten the 3D world into a single sheet of paper. Use the Wii U GamePad touch screen to snip along the lines and remove obstacles so Mario can reach new areas. Crafty!

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Papery puzzles

When everything is made completely out of paper, even the most ordinary-looking things can surprise you! A folded up footpath blocking your way? Maybe there’s an Unfurl Block nearby that could straighten it out. Not only is Prism Island made of paper, it’s also three-dimensional and full of hidden secrets – if you go into the shadows, you might find some out-of-sight items!

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Toads to the rescue!

Never fear! Brave brigades of Toads called Rescue Squads can be found all over Prism Island, lending their help to anyone who needs it! Unfortunately, they’re not quite up to the task of being heroes, so make sure you give them a helping hand if they’re in a spot of bother.

"Lies! All lies! See the truth for yourself in the Rescue V section."

What’s the deal?

In Paper Mario: Color Splash, you’ll face enemies in battles where both strategy and timing are key. Your first step is to choose a move from your deck of Battle Cards on the Wii U GamePad’s touch screen…

Your cards might start off drab and weak, but you can choose to power them up with paint – just keep an eye on your paint supply! When you’re ready, flick the card up from the touch screen to the TV screen to make your move.

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By pressing the buttons with the right timing, your moves can become more powerful and Mario will take less damage from enemy attacks.


Play your cards right

Build your deck of Battle Cards by hitting ? Blocks around the island, winning battles, painting colourless spots and more. You can also use coins to buy cards in Port Prisma.

Here are some of the types of cards available:

What IS that thing?

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Keep your eyes peeled and you’ll spot some objects that look a little out of place around Prism Island. Should you happen across one of these curious items, why not turn it into a Thing Card? These cards can be used to unleash really powerful and showy attacks, making them especially useful in boss battles. Some Thing Cards even have uses in puzzles outside of battle, too!

"Yeah, yeah… Mario’s tough, but we’re tougher! Check out the Rescue V section to see why."


Rescue V


“Sure, Mario might be the star of this game, I mean his name is on the box, I guess… but why should he be getting all the credit?”

Protagonists are toad-ally overrated! The internet says! You can count on the “Fearless Colour Defenders” to save the day. We’re the most heroic heroes the world has ever seen!

Tune in and witness Rescue V’s awesome deeds for yourself!

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