Advance Wars: Dark Conflict

System: Nintendo DS Release date: 25/01/2008

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New COs Take Control

The Commanding Officers (COs) of the previous Advance Wars sagas met the same fate as most of the world’s population in the cataclysmic events that directly preceded Advance Wars: Dark Conflict. Now, a new breed of leader has emerged.



A former Laurentian military cadet, he joined the Independent Legion after
being rescued by Captain O’Brian.

In his command:
Ground troops in his CO Zone earn an attack boost.
CO Zone:
2 spaces
CO Power:
New Era – Boosts mobility of direct attack ground units increased by 2 spaces.

“Never give up hope!”



Captain of the Independent Legion, he has faith in the goodness of humanity and feels a strong duty to help anyone who is in trouble.

In his command:
Units in his CO Zone are shielded with a defensive boost.
CO Zone:
3 spaces
CO Power:
Lifeline – All units recover 3 HP

“People need our help.”



The Independent Legion’s calm Second-in-Command. A formidable tactician, she has difficulty expressing her emotions.

In her command:
All ground units in her CO Zone receive offensive and defensive boosts.
CO Zone:
1 space
CO Power:
Night Vision – Ground unit vision is increased by 2 spaces, and units can see into hiding places

“In battle, the clearest thinker wins.”



A member of the Independent Legion, she has no memory of her past. Rescued by Ed, now she is always by his side.

In her command:
Power of all units in her CO Zone is enhanced.
CO Zone:
2 spaces
CO Power:
Overlord – Mobility and indirect attack range increased by 2 spaces for all units

“I can’t remember anything…”



Belongs to the New Laurentian Army. An ambitious man with an insatiable lust for power, he always wants to be number one.

In his command:
Sea units, ship planes and helicopters receive offensive and defensive boosts.
CO Zone:
3 spaces
CO Power:
High Command – Fuel, ammo and material are refilled for all units.

“The New Laurentian Army will prevail!”



A member of the Zephyrian army. A man of few words, he suppresses his emotions and opinions. A consummate professional, he aims to be the perfect soldier.

In his command:
Boosts sea and indirect attack units in CO Zone.
CO Zone:
2 spaces
CO Power:
Long Barrel – Attack Range increased by 2 spaces for all indirect attack units.

“It’s not my job to think about that.”



A member of the Zephyrian army. Stern and relentless in nature,
she is driven by a burning desire to avenge her brother who died in the war.

In her command:
Strengthens attacks of air units in her CO Zone.
CO Zone:
1 space
CO Power:
Fox One – Mobility increased by 2 spaces for all air units

“I will have my revenge!”

Enter the CO Zone

In a new twist to the Advance Wars franchise, your Commanding Officer (CO) can now be a direct part of the battle. Being a capable strategist in the war room is one thing, but being an admired warrior on the battlefield – that’s the true test of a commander.


When a unit is situated on your HQ or its corresponding Factory, Airport or Port, you can choose to add your CO to the unit. This CO Unit is surrounded by a CO Zone, an area where other units within that zone can take advantage of the CO’s strengths through firepower or defence bonuses. The size of the zone depends on the CO you’re using, but it’s normally a two- or three-square area around the CO Unit. 


Each time a unit within the zone damages an enemy unit, your CO Meter starts to fill up – a morale boost of sorts.

When the CO Meter is half-full, the CO Zone expands by an additional square. When the meter fills completely, you can use a special CO Power which also affects your troops outside the CO Zone. These CO Powers can give mobility boosts, firepower bonuses, attack range bonuses, replenish unit numbers and more.

If at any time your CO Unit becomes destroyed, the CO Meter empties, but you can insert your CO into a new unit and start the process over.



You don’t always go to war with the army you want. You often have to make the most of the army you’ve got. Learning to use each unit’s strength to the fullest extent is the key to overcoming long odds and commanding your army to victory.


Infantry.jpg The tried and true heroes of battle – these foot soldiers make up the front line of your defence. Infantry units capture bases, which is vital for your army’s finances. And when the Fog of War rolls in, these soldiers serve the vital role of spotting enemies hiding in the darkness. You can’t fire upon things you cannot see.


Bazooka.jpg Specialised foot soldiers, the Bazooka battalion captures bases like Infantry, but they pack a much more powerful punch against Tanks and light-armour units. They help extend your vision in Fog of War maps, but unlike Infantry, Bazooka units move at a slower pace. Lugging around that heavy equipment has its price.

Motorbike *NEW*

Motorbike.jpg New to the Advance Wars universe, the Motorbike gives commanders a mobile Infantry unit that speeds to vacant bases and captures them. Securing bases in outlying areas gives you a crucial early-game financial edge, but for all its speed, the Motorbike unit has a handicap - it can’t travel over mountains like Infantry and Bazooka.


Recon.jpg This reconnaissance unit delivers the most mobility of all ground troops. It’s a vital unit for stopping the enemy’s Infantry dead in its tracks. Although it does not capture bases, the Recon unit gives commanders an excellent range of vision in Fog of War situations and serves as a solid line of defence between your indirect attack units and the enemy.

Mobile Workshop *NEW*

Mobile_Workshop.jpg An upgrade of the franchise’s venerable Armoured Personnel Carrier, the Mobile Workshop is the battlefield medic of sorts. It can carry an Infantry or Bazooka unit, supply other units with fuel and ammo and build temporary Airports and Ports for refuelling and reloading. It can’t attack, so don’t leave it exposed to enemy fire.

Flare *NEW*

Flare.jpg Designed specifically for Fog of War maps, the Flare lets commanders fire a flare rocket up to 5 squares away into the fog. This flare illuminates a 2-square area around a target point to strip away the vision cover provided by some terrain elements. The flare fired is good for only one turn before the light fades back into darkness.

Mech Gun

Mech_Gun.jpg The core indirect attack unit, the Mech Gun sits behind your front lines and picks your enemies off one by one with a massive cannon blast. It’s mobile, loaded with ammo and has a decent range of vision, but the Mech Gun can’t fire and move in the same turn. With mountains nearby to shield the unit, it becomes a powerful force.


Anti-Air.jpg There’s one unit feared by foot soldiers and pilots alike: the Anti-Air unit. One of two ground-to-air attack vehicles, it can wipe out Infantry as effectively as it can bring down Helicopters and other aircraft. Anti-Air units can even be effective against smaller vehicles. Its mobility makes it a deadly, versatile unit.


Anti-Tank *NEW*

Heavy Tank *NEW*

Heavy_Tank.jpg Go one step up from a Tank and you get this mid-sized weapon of war. It’s slower and carries less fuel than the standard Tank, but what the Heavy Tank loses in mobility and vision, it gains in firepower and defence. Although it falls prey to the Mega Tank and Bombers circling overhead, it’s a unit that has few rivals.


Missiles.jpg Whereas Rockets cause massive devastation on the ground, Missiles clear the air a bit and give your ground units some room to breathe. Missiles units can fire at aircraft up to six squares away, creating a virtual no-fly zone. Able to wipe out most planes with one blast, a well-placed Missiles unit can make airports utterly unusable.


Rockets.jpg The most feared indirect attack arsenal, it can fire on units positioned up to five squares away from it, devastating any unit it targets. When the Rockets unit conceals itself in the Woods or Ruins in Fog of War situations, it becomes unbeatable. It’s hard for your units to survive when attacks seem to come from everywhere all at once.

Mega Tank *NEW*

Mega_Tank.jpg The ultimate Tank. It’s the most expensive ground unit money can buy, but worth every cent. Its low mobility is an afterthought in the wake of its impeccable firepower and defence. The Mega Tank has powerful enemies in Anti-Tank and Bomber units, but make no mistake, the Mega Tank is one unit that won’t go down easy.

Missile Boat *NEW*

Missile_Boat.jpg Designed especially for skirmishes, the Missile Boat has a hit-and-run attitude about it. Mostly that’s because it only carries one missile. In a prolonged battle, the Missile Boat is the best candidate to find itself at the bottom of the sea. Its main duty is to quickly transfer Infantry over seas, but its one shot can come in very handy.


Lander.jpg The workhorse of the waves, the Lander provides the main mode of transportation for ground vehicles to traverse the rough waters. It can carry two ground units of any size from one strip of land to the next. Unfortunately for it, the Lander is not equipped with any weapons, making a sitting duck for lurking Submarines.


Cruiser.jpg A punishing naval unit, the Cruiser patrols the waters for sneaky Submarines and blasts aircraft out of the skies. Equipped with powerful anti-ship and anti-air weaponry, the Cruiser is the ideal ship to use to build a perimeter around your Cruisers and Battleships. It can also carry two Helicopter units to help them through tight spots.


Submarine.jpg The Submarine combines stealth with destruction to serve as the great equaliser against Battleships and Carriers. As long as it maintains its fuel supply, the Submarine can dive into the depths and completely dismantle an unsuspecting ship, usually with just one torpedo strike from a full Submarine unit.

Battleship *NEW*

Battleship.jpg As if it wasn’t tough enough to deal with before, the Battleship gets a major upgrade. This indirect attack unit can both move and fire in the same turn. Since it can move five squares and attack a unit that is five squares away, any enemy units or ships within 10 squares of the Battleship could fall victim to its awesome power.

Carrier *NEW*

Carrier.jpg The Carrier receives a major upgrade from previous Advance Wars games. Although it’s changed from an indirect combat unit against planes to a direct combat one, the Carrier now serves as a way to produce planes in addition to transporting them. These Ship Planes take off from the deck of the Carrier and can attack any unit.

Transport Helicopter

Transport_Helicopter.jpg The disposable heroes: The duty of a Transport Helicopter is a thankless one. It has no weapons, very little armour protection and limited mobility. In fact, it virtually has no range of vision in Fog of War situations, but when Infantry or Bazooka units need to move quickly over terrain, this is the vehicle you count on in the clutch.

Battle Helicopter

Battle_Helicopter.jpg The great equaliser against the Tank, the Battle Helicopter is a strong weapon against such ground units as Tanks, Infantry and light-armoured vehicles. It’s also a nasty adversary against other Helicopters. The Battle Helicopter shows its weaknesses, however, against Anti-Air vehicles and other aircraft.

Fighter *NEW*

Fighter.jpg An upgrade on the classic fighter, this air unit can attack both aircraft and some ground units with its machine gun. Although not the most powerful force in terms of firepower, its versatility, great mobility and decent range of vision makes it a battlefield favourite and a unit all others need to pay attention to.

Interceptor *NEW*

Interceptor.jpg The ruler of the skies, Interceptors will cut down all aircraft. Its superior mobility lets it both police the skies and rule them with an iron fist. Its superior vision capabilities make it a beacon in the Fog of War. For your enemies, the Interceptor is Big Brother. He who controls the skies controls the battle.


Bomber.jpg The classic air-to-surface Bomber takes no prisoners when it comes to destruction. With immense firepower, it can destroy everything on ground and in the sea. But because its chances of survival from a direct attack are minimal, you’ll need to provide an escort or two to get the most out of your bombing runs.

Play Online via NintendoWi-Fi Connection

AAA_AdvWars_wifi.png The Advance Wars world may be devastated, but it’s still connected. For the first time, you can battle against other generals worldwide using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Through the service, you can also upload and download battle maps, giving the game seemingly endless replayability.


Battle the Best

Advance Wars: Dark Conflict lets you challenge your friends or other strategists around the world to one-on-one skirmishes.

When you battle against unknown opponents...
…you can choose to have Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection pair you with opponents of similar ability or pair you with a random opponent. Either way, the rules for each map will be randomly generated.

When you play against friends...
…you get to set the game rules. You can even battle on maps you’ve created or downloaded. Plus, the game features Voice Chat, allowing you to talk to your friends through the built-in mic as you wage battle.


Enter the Map Centre

Whether you’re looking for a new challenge or want to share your masterpiece with others, the Map Centre is a valuable resource.

Download Maps
You can download two types of maps: Random or Recommended. The Recommended map is one that has been given a high rank by players who claimed victory on the map. In both cases, you connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, pick an empty slot in your Design section to store the map (you have 50 slots) and confirm the download. It’s just that easy. Once you earn a victory on a map, you get an opportunity to rate its quality, and the rating is uploaded to the server upon your next connection.

Upload Maps
Using the Send Map option, you can upload one of your creations to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The only stipulations are it must be a maximum area of 10x10, a maximum of 50 units on the map and you have to have played and been victorious on the map yourself. Once others download your map, you get an opportunity to check how they rated the most recent map you uploaded to the server.


Design Room

Which war do you want to fight? Generate your own scenarios with Advance Wars: Dark Conflict’s Design Room and battle on your own creations. Then share them with your friends or the Advance Wars community via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.


Intelligent Design

Easy to use and incredibly deep, the Design Room lets you create and store up to 50 custom maps, using all the battlefield elements that make Story mode so challenging.

The size of your maps can be as small as a 5-by-5 grid, as large as 30-by-30 and all sizes in-between. The Design Room features a Wipe Clean function that fills your entire map with one terrain element from Sea, Plain, Mountain or Wood. Once you have your elemental base, you can place any of the game’s units, terrain features, structures or special items such as plasma shields, meteors and fire.

You can also choose to have the game auto-generate a map, and then you can edit the map from there. Up to 50 units can be placed onto any one map, and you can customise the AI of each individual unit, including adding a default Commanding Officer to a unit.

In addition to the look of the map, you get to determine how the map plays. Customise the game rules for your map. Will your map be especially nasty covered in the Fog of War or will clear skies prevail? Maybe you’d rather set the weather to random. On top of this, you can set the starting funds and income generated by each base, the fighting habits of the computer AI or put a limit on how many days you have to win the battle.


Create and Conquer

After you’ve finished creating your battlefield masterpiece, go to the Single DS Play menu and try to score a victory on the map. If you can conquer your own creation, you’ll be able to share it online via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.



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