Message from Mr Kimishima

Nintendo Co., Ltd.

President: Tatsumi Kimishima


CSR is at the very heart of what we do. We are always seeking new ways to make people smile.

To put smiles on the faces of everyone Nintendo touches – this is the driving principle behind our CSR activities. Those words express our social responsibility as an entertainment company, and are precisely the reason for Nintendo’s existence. We hope to promote our CSR activities by cherishing the aspirations inherited from our former president Mr Iwata, who passed away in July of 2015.

Bringing Beloved Nintendo Characters to More People than Ever

Up to now, Nintendo has worked to expand the gaming population based on a commitment to bring smiles to people across the world through products and services. From now on, we want to go a step further and aim to expand the population that comes in contact with Nintendo’s IP (intellectual property).

In September of 2015 we celebrated the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., which debuted in 1985. It is our pride and our strength that Mario, the main character of this game, is known worldwide and is loved by people across generations. New characters have also been embraced, such as the cast of Splatoon, a new game released in May of 2015.

The use of Nintendo’s IP was previously focused only on dedicated video game systems. We now want to appeal to a wider group beyond those currently playing our game machines, from lapsed fans who enjoyed Nintendo products in the past to those who have never played a game system. We want to bring smiles to people as they get to know Nintendo as a company, experience our products and services, and sense the possibilities of entertainment.

Accurately Assessing and Addressing Local Needs

While holding to our central goal of putting smiles on people’s faces, Nintendo needs to be flexible in how it responds to issues that have become more complex and varied. We cannot simply apply Japanese methods to Nintendo Group companies across the world. Rather, we should seek to understand each particular situation within the context of its region to determine the most suitable approach.

Regarding diversity issues or human resource utilisation, for example, there is a focus on women’s careers in Japan. However, different countries and regions present different situations and needs. In order to respond to these differences adequately, we share our global mission to respect human rights and prevent discrimination, and we put this into practice by pinpointing the specific challenges facing each region. When it comes to incorporating talent from a wide array of cultures, the parent company can learn from some of the Nintendo Group companies abroad, which have more advanced initiatives in this area.

For a long time we have addressed environmental concerns in part by limiting power consumption with energy-saving designs for game systems, and by seeking to use renewable energy at each office location. Again, the particular emphases for this issue differ by region. To address one topic, Nintendo may need to take multiple actions.

In this year’s CSR Report, we have included a section where the top executive in each region shares his view of CSR issues and how he is addressing them. We do this to further illustrate our approach to individual CSR activities for each region.

Needless to say, common issues exist that Nintendo should address globally, but to put a smile on the face of everyone Nintendo touches, it is important that people with the best understanding of each region proactively pursue local strategies.

Empowering Employees to Create the Future

The gaming industry is constantly changing, and it can be difficult to predict how it will evolve even a few years ahead. To continually surprise our consumers and exceed their expectations, we hold fast to a value system based on the following three elements: originality, flexibility, and sincerity. We refer to these as Nintendo’s DNA.

A strong creative spirit is essential to Nintendo’s growth. The value of entertainment lies in being different, and in being able to take on challenges without fearing failure. It is also important to think about what is needed now and not be bound by the past, so we can be flexible and adapt to changes. In addition, Nintendo is supported by many stakeholders, and we must face everyone Nintendo touches with sincerity.

By fostering an environment where people are not afraid to try creative solutions, we can carry on the Nintendo DNA and add to the value of the company. To fully realise our aspiration to make people smile and to give them pleasant surprises, we aspire to be an organisation that promotes balanced co-operation between new recruits and seasoned employees. Starting last fiscal year, we began the process of internal reorganisation to come up with a structure that is suited to the challenges of the future.

To put smiles on the faces of everyone Nintendo touches is no easy task. But just as we will strive to deliver surprises and smiles with our products and services, we will continue to promote CSR activities in countries around the world.

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