Local activities 2016

Note that the following presents a selection of activities across Europe covering the 12 months preceding 31st of March 2016.


Bringing Smiles to Our Consumers


Game System Features and Online Services Information for Consumers

Nintendo of Europe GmbH (Germany)

We believe that it is important to provide straightforward explanations of various hardware features and functions so that all consumers can fully enjoy our products.

Nintendo of Europe has been creating tutorial videos which show users how to set up functions, such as Parental Controls, for all hardware products since the launch of Nintendo 3DS. These videos are offered in eight languages on our websites.

In fiscal year 2014, Nintendo of Europe updated the Parents section of its website to enhance accessibility and to provide parents with more comprehensive information about Nintendo's hardware and online services, the games their children are playing and videogames in general.


Devoted to Child & Youth Protection

Nintendo of Europe GmbH (Germany)

Youth Protection Seal of Quality

For Nintendo, the protection of minors' use of our online services is a top priority. Nintendo of Europe voluntarily allows the USK (Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle), a self-regulatory body responsible for video game classification in Germany, to examine all of its online services for legal compliance with the German regulations on youth protection and, since 2013, Nintendo of Europe has held the Youth Protection Seal of Quality, a distinction displayed on the website signifying that the company is a trustworthy content provider, devoted to child and youth protection.


Seminar Teaching Students Appropriate Internet Use

Nintendo of Europe GmbH, Italy Branch

Nintendo Italy collaborated with the Italian government and industry groups, endorsing efforts to provide students with training on a wide range of subjects. On April 13th, 2015, a seminar was held on the subject of "Appropriate Usage of the Internet and Devices That Connect to the Internet."

Bringing Smiles to Future Generations


Working With the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

Nintendo Ibérica, S.A. (Spain)


Nintendo Ibérica called on its employees to volunteer for energy conservation efforts it endorsed. The efforts were run by WWF Spain. One such effort directed participants to unplug and turn off all electronic devices for an hour from 8:30 p.m. in the evening. Working to increase awareness for energy conservation, some twenty employees joined in, turning off electronics at home. In addition to participating from home, three employees, including a member of Management, went to the office on Saturday (28 March 2015) to disconnect all IT equipment.


Reducing CO2 Emissions

Nintendo of Europe GmbH (Germany)

Nintendo of Europe has a strong focus on reducing its CO2 emissions, and converted the electricity supply to its headquarters and warehouses to renewable energy in fiscal year 2012. In fiscal year 2013, Nintendo of Europe converted all of its remaining facilities to renewable energy and achieved zero CO2 emissions.

In other energy-saving efforts, lights were replaced with more energy efficient models and an auto adjustable lighting system was installed. Nintendo of Europe also focused on raising the energy awareness of employees by providing information via the intranet and monitoring each floor for unnecessary power consumption.

In addition, Nintendo of Europe continuously has been working on reducing CO2 emissions from its car fleet.

Bringing Smiles to the Community


Incorporating Games Into School Lessons

Nintendo Benelux (Netherlands)


The Belgium office of Nintendo Benelux took up a suggestion from an elementary school teacher, who wanted to find ways to incorporate games into lessons. Thus began their work on the Gaming in the Classroom project. After an experiment that incorporated educational games into a single class from March through June of 2015, which resulted in students having more fun during lessons, the scope was expanded during the period from September through December. Games were used in lessons for an hour each week. What's more, Nintendo Benelux spent time during a parents meeting for this project to review features like Parental Controls, for safer gameplay at home, and the use of ratings to target games to specific ages.


Nintendo Benelux is actively involved in ways beyond this project to participate in many charitable activities as part of their efforts to give back to society.


Making a Critically Ill Boy's Dream Come True

Nintendo Ibérica, S.A. (Spain)


Nintendo Ibérica received requests from the Pequeño Deseo organisation, which works to fulfil the dreams of critically ill children, to help make dreams come true for a nine-year old boy and a five-year old boy last July and September, respectively.

The dream of the nine-year old, fighting cancer, who visited Nintendo Ibérica in July, was to work as a game tester at Nintendo's offices. Nintendo Ibérica employees organised a tour of their offices for the boy and offered him a taste of working at Nintendo.

In September, a five-year old boy suffering from acute leukaemia came to visit Nintendo Ibérica. He loved playing on his Wii console, and dreamed of an opportunity to come to Nintendo's offices. Upon his arrival, he was greeted by all Nintendo Ibérica employees, donning Mario caps, and by Mario himself.


Continuous Support for the Starlight Children's Foundation

Nintendo of Europe, UK Branch


Nintendo of America, Nintendo of Europe's UK branch and Nintendo Australia have a long-standing partnership with the Starlight Children's Foundation, a non-profit organisation that provides support to seriously ill children and their families.

To date, Nintendo of America and Starlight have placed more than 8,500 Fun Centers* in hospitals across North America.

Nintendo of Europe's UK branch also continues to work with Starlight to provide Fun Centers to hospitals. To date, 1,320 Fun Centers are available to entertain children undergoing treatment in hospitals in the UK, with over 150 scheduled for delivery in the near future.


Nintendo Australia also supports Starlight through various events throughout the year and on "Starlight Day", which is an important charity event held annually in Australia. In addition, an informal event was held in fiscal year 2015 that allowed 24 children, fighting critical illnesses, the chance to meet Mario and Luigi.

* Fun Center: A mobile entertainment device combining a flat-screen TV, a videogame system and DVD player that can be freely moved around a hospital. Fun Centers can roll right up to the side of a young patient's bed, or anywhere in the hospital, making them ideal for children in various situations by reducing the children's anxiety levels and providing them with a more normalised environment. Fun Centers are also a great way for patients to spend time with family members during an extended hospital stay.

Maximising Our Employees' Strengths


Providing Health Information via the Intranet

Nintendo Ibérica, S.A. (Spain)

A new page was added to the corporate intranet in fiscal year 2015, offering information on health and safety to further promote employee health. The page includes helpful information on ways to sit, for example, to decrease stress and strain as well as guides to events that promote greater health. Seven employees took part in a run that was promoted on that page. They clocked ten kilometres! Feedback from employees is indicating that the page is providing more incentives to lead healthier lives.


Workplace Environments That Maximise Employee Potential

Nintendo of Europe GmbH (Germany)


Nintendo of Europe continues to be involved in efforts to create workplace environments that allow employees to relax as they work. One such effort was the opening of an employee lounge in fiscal year 2015, designed to promote more interaction among employees. Nintendo of Europe is also actively involved in promoting employee health: a goal is to foster an environment that enables daily participation in health management. Yoga and classes that offer back stretching exercises are now offered at headquarters before and after working hours.