What Are Ordinances?

Ordinances may sound a bit complicated, but it's just a fancy word for laws and as mayor, it's your job to enact them! Choose from one of four different ordinances and, for a small fee, you can have a town that behaves in a way that suits your unique experience...

Keep Your Town Beautiful

Want to keep your town looking gorgeous? Then choose this ordinance to stop your flowers from wilting, prevent rubbish from appearing and keep those pesky weeds at bay!

Early Bird

If you prefer to enjoy Animal Crossing: New Leaf as the sun comes up, set this ordinance to make all of the shops open earlier and have your citizens get up at the crack of dawn!

Night Owl

The reverse of the Early Bird ordinance, this allows you to continue shopping long into the night and stay up watching the stars with all the new friends you make in your town.

Bell Boom

One for wealthy mayors! Set this ordinance to increase the amount you'll get for recycling items and the number of medals you win on the island. It'll also increase the prices you'll pay for items, though…