Mayor? Me? Really?!

A quick train ride and then you've arrived in your new home! How exciting!

A case of mistaken identity? Perhaps… but it means you're the mayor now!

As mayor, you can turn the town into the perfect place for animals to live!

Isabelle is your secretary – ask her about anything you need to know!

Plant a sapling in the town plaza to symbolise the future of your new town!

As the tree grows, so too will your town… but how that happens is up to you!

Welcome to your new home… Mayor! It may feel like a mix-up when you first arrive at the train station, but a little help from Isabelle (your secretary) and support from all the animals in town will soon make you feel right at home in the job. Put your new-found mayoral powers to good use and help turn your town into a wonderful place to live!

Of course, being mayor isn't an obligation – you're still free to do whatever you want in your town. But since you've got the power to do positive things, why not put it to good use? Create public works projects and fund them to build all kinds of things around your town, or set ordinances based on how you play to change how the town runs. It's entirely up to you!

Note that while Animal Crossing: New Leaf supports up to four people living in a town on a single Game Card, only the first person to move in gets to be the mayor! Other players can, however, become mayor of a new town by transferring their save data to their own copy of the game that has no-one living in it yet.