Club Nintendo

Unlike other Nintendo products, the Wii U console does not come with a Club Nintendo registration card. To register a Wii U console in Club Nintendo, simply link your Nintendo Network ID to your Club Nintendo account.

After registering, login to Club Nintendo and complete the hardware survey to earn your Stars!

You must connect your Wii U console to the Internet and perform a system update before proceeding. Please visit our Support section for more information.

To register a Wii U console in Club Nintendo, please follow these steps:

If you are already a Club Nintendo member:


1) Touch the Nintendo eShop icon on the Wii U Menu or HOME Menu to start Nintendo eShop


2) Select "Menu" from within Nintendo eShop, then "Settings/Other"


3) Select "Club Nintendo Account"


4) Enter your Club Nintendo account details and press "Link" to complete the process

If you are not already a Club Nintendo member:

Create a Club Nintendo account by registering a piece of software that contains a Club Nintendo registration code, then follow the instructions outlined above.