Mii Channel: Mii Parade

Applies to: Wii

Visiting friends' Miis will gather in your Wii console's Mii Parade. You can then port those Miis over to your Mii Plaza, allowing you to use them in Mii-compatible games. In order for a friend's Mii to make it's way to your Mii Parade, the following requirements must be met:

  • The individual Mii's profile is set to "Mingle".
  • There are three ways for Miis to travel to other Wii consoles:
    • Store your Mii to a Wii Remote and bring it over to a friend's house and use it on their Wii console.
    • With WiiConnect24 enabled and your Wii Console connected to the internet, Miis will transfer to a friend's Wii console if you have both registered each other's Wii console in your own Address Book (how to).
    • Miis can be sent to another Wii console via the Wii Message Board.