Out of the box

Your new Nintendo 3DS system comes with everything you need to jump into the action right away! As well as your brand new Nintendo 3DS, you'll find:

Nintendo 3DS charging cradle

Keep your Nintendo 3DS in its new cradle whenever you're at home and not playing, and you'll always be charged up and ready to discover new things when you carry your system around with you.

Nintendo 3DS stylus

A brand new telescopic stylus that fits snugly into your system.

SD Memory Card (2 GB)

Keep your music, downloaded games and software at hand by saving them on the included SD Memory Card.

AR Cards (x6)

Enter the exciting world of Augmented Reality games with these packaged AR Cards.

Nintendo 3DS AC adapter

The power supply for your system.

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Nintendo 3DS Operations Manual
  • Parental Controls Leaflet