Nintendo Video

End of Nintendo Video service on Nintendo 3DS

As of Monday 31st March 2014, the Nintendo Video service for Nintendo 3DS will be ending. This service started on Wednesday 13th July 2011 and allowed the viewing of 3D videos offered by Nintendo and its partners.

Thank you for using Nintendo Video.

No Effort Required

Nintendo Video is a free application that allows you to receive video clips via SpotPass while you’re out and about!

Enjoy a wide variety of video content (in both 2D and 3D) delivered directly to your Nintendo 3DS, such as:

  • Movie trailers
  • Sports clips
  • Short animated films
  • Music videos

Videos Delivered Direct

You’ll automatically receive new videos whenever new content becomes available and you have access to a wireless Internet connection, or pass a compatible public hotspot!

Whenever you receive Nintendo Video content, the notification LED on your system will flash blue to show that you have received new data, and the icon on the HOME Menu will have a small blue circle on the icon for Nintendo Video. Just tap the icon to open the application and watch your new video!

Regular Updates

The video clips that are available for you to enjoy will change weekly, and each clip will include information on the date it will be saved until. You can watch the clips as many times as you like until they are replaced by new content, and there are new updates regularly!

Content On The Move

Your Nintendo 3DS automatically receives SpotPass data, including content for Nintendo Video, from thousands of supported public Wi-Fi access points across Europe - so you may find that new videos appear when you’re out and about.

Getting Your Hands On It

Nintendo Video may have come pre-installed on your console. If not, simply download the application via Nintendo eShop and you can enjoy this free service straight away!

Nintendo Video can be downloaded from Nintendo eShop. Please follow the instructions listed here in order to access Nintendo eShop. Note that this offer is subject to availability of Nintendo eShop in your country. Also note that Nintendo Video can only be used if the region settings of your Nintendo 3DS system correspond with the country you live in. You can change your region settings by accessing System Settings, tapping on Other Settings, then selecting Profile and then Region Settings.

Nintendo Video content is downloaded onto your SD Card via SpotPass and viewable only through Nintendo Video. SpotPass feature must be enabled.