New controls, new gameplay

If you've ever played with a system from the Nintendo DS series you'll be right at home when you first pick up a Nintendo 3DS, with familiar favourites like Touch Screen controls, microphone input and the +Control Pad all back on board. But Nintendo 3DS wouldn't be Nintendo 3DS without all the cool new control inputs expanding your gameplay possibilities.

Circle Pad

With the Circle Pad, located just above the +Control Pad, Nintendo 3DS offers full analogue control in 3D game worlds. For example, in Pilotwings Resort you'll steer a plane around the sunny locale of Wuhu Island, gently climbing or going for a straight dive with a nudge of your thumb.

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Motion controls

A built-in motion sensor and gyro sensor can react to the motion and tilt of the system, so whether you're twisting your system side to side or moving it up and down, your motion-compatible Nintendo 3DS games respond instantly. In Steel Diver for example, you can rotate your own body as if you were rotating a periscope to scour the ocean for battleships.

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Inner & outer cameras

Using the inner and the outer cameras, your Nintendo 3DS can pick up real-world visuals and have these affect what happens in your games. Your favourite pet in Nintendogs + Cats will come towards you as your face appears in front of the inner camera, while in Face Raiders the outer cameras can pick up faces as you play and bring them into your game!

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