Keep your memories alive in a brand new way

Snap amazing 3D photos* with the two outer cameras, and take your memories of friends, family and pets to a whole new dimension. Play with your photos by using a wide variety of tools; you can see the results immediately and enjoy showing the results to your friends and family.

Play with pictures

On top of taking 3D photos, Nintendo 3DS Camera also offers a fun range of effects that you can apply to your pictures to put a whole new spin on them. Try combining the faces of two people with the Merge effect, or try out one of the other five playful effects. You can even use your own voice to capture the shot!


Take photos of two faces at the same time using the inner and outer cameras...

... then watch the two faces merge into one.


Blow into the microphone to make your pictures sparkle with floating hearts, stars or other effects.


This effect adds a hazy quality to your pictures - as if you were taking pictures in a dream…


This is a useful effect for when you're taking pictures in low-light conditions.


The area around the object in your picture looks a little darker, as if you were peeping through a hole.


Surprise yourself! You won't know what kind of picture you'll take until you try it...

Display your memories to your liking

Graffiti mode lets you customise your photos with freehand doodles, drawings and stamps that will pop out from the background. You can then display your favourite photos in a slideshow: choose background music, set a theme and look back at your memories like they're works of art.


Use a variety of pencils and stamps.


You can easily put your favourite photos in a slideshow.

*You can save up to 3,000 photos on the SD Memory Card included with the system. Please note that visuals will display in 2D on Nintendo 2DS.