Connecting players from all over the world

Miiverse is a network service for Nintendo 2DS, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U that uses Mii characters to bring players together. Share what's going on around you, the things you're interested in, and your in-game experiences with the world!

You can also access Miiverse through a smart phone or PC at:



Join an ever-growing community

With Miiverse, it's easy to share your experiences with other players around the world. Jump into the unique Community* for your favourite titles and join the conversation!

*Not all titles have their own Communities.


Express yourself!

You can share more than just words in Miiverse – use the Touch Screen to send handwritten messages and pictures. Share whatever's on your mind!


Add a flourish with a screenshot!

Want to show off an incredible high score or cool little secret you've discovered? A picture's worth a thousand words, so add a screenshot to your post!*

*Available in supported games.


Have your say any time

Push the HOME Button to access Miiverse whenever you like, even during a game*, so you can share advice or ask for help from other users right away.

*Unavailable during certain gameplay sequences.

Steer clear of spoilers

Posts that are marked as spoilers have their complete text hidden at first, so you can decide whether you want to read them or not. You can mark your own posts as spoilers, too!

Create your posts offline

If you're playing a game but you're not connected to the internet, you can still create a Miiverse post – save your creation while you're offline, then post it when you connect to the internet later!