Celebrate summer with five Nintendo eShop Highlights on Nintendo Switch!


Whether you’re sitting by the pool, heading to the beach or relaxing in the garden, you can enjoy a sizzling selection of indie games from Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch anytime, anywhere and with anyone this summer.

While you can’t always rely on the weather to deliver, these five scorching hot Nintendo eShop Highlights are sure to fill your summer months with fun – come rain or shine! Don’t forget, you can purchase these great titles from Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch, or directly via this website*.


GoNNER (Art in Heart)

Out now!

A wickedly addictive 2D platformer, GoNNER offers a daunting challenge to those who seek it. Failure is all part of the appeal as you tackle swarms of colourful, misshapen enemies determined to defeat you. If you do happen to lose your head – and you most certainly will – just grab a replacement and try again!

Art in Heart: “As soon as I held the Nintendo Switch in my hands, I knew that GoNNER was a perfect fit for the console. Games like GoNNER are best enjoyed in shorter bursts, like when you've got 30 minutes on the bus…or while in the bathroom? I won't judge how or where you play it, but the fact that Nintendo Switch lets you choose is incredible!


Overcooked: Special Edition (Ghost Town Games)

Out now!

Enter the kitchen in Overcooked: Special Edition, a chaotic couch co-op cooking game for up to four players**! Prepare, cook and serve up a variety of tasty dishes as you try to meet the demands of the baying customers before they storm out in a huff. With HD rumble support, plus all previously released downloadable content included, Overcooked: Special Edition is one tasty package!

Ghost Town Games: “We're absolutely thrilled to be bringing Overcooked: Special Edition to Nintendo Switch. As lifelong Nintendo fans, it's been a dream to see our game on a Nintendo system and we're super excited to have that dream come true! We really hope you and all your friends will enjoy the culinary co-operative chaos of Overcooked: Special Edition. Bon Apetit!


Bulb Boy (Bulbware)

Out now!

Gather your courage for an unsettling adventure in Bulb Boy, a 2D point-and-click game that’s as frightening as it is beautiful. You’ll need to have your glowing head screwed on tight as you attempt to solve sinister puzzles, defeat wicked monsters and help Bulb Boy find his missing family. Can you defeat the evil and bring back the light?

Bulbware: “There were no compromises when bringing Bulb Boy to Nintendo Switch – the screen is huge, and provides the most immersive mobile experience of Bulb Boy available. Whether you’re going on a hiking trip or playing our little horror game alone at night, we hope you’ll enjoy our shining little fella and the grotesque monsters he will encounter.


Slime-san (Fabraz)

Out now!

Slime-san is a lightning-quick platformer that will put your reactions to the test. With digestion looming around every corner after being swallowed by a giant worm, staying still isn’t an option as you jump, slide and slime your way through loads of challenging levels in a desperate bid for freedom. In Slime-san’s case, what goes in must definitely come out!

Fabraz: “Being able to play Slime-san on the big screen or on the go is an absolute delight. This is the best way to enjoy the game thanks to the ability of playing multiplayer minigames with one pair of Joy-Con and the additional tactile feedback that the HD rumble provides.


IRONCAST (Dreadbit)

Out August 10th

Take control of a seven-metre tall walking vehicle and face-off against an invading force in IRONCAST, a turn-based strategy puzzle game set in an alternative Victorian timeline. Customise your war machine with a range of unique weapons, and balance offence and defence to destroy your opponents. Drive back the invading forces and press forth to victory!

Dreadbit: “This is the very best version of IRONCAST; with intuitive controls, HD rumble support, new features, more characters and playable mechs. Nintendo Switch is the absolute best way to experience this unique game.

With new titles added every week, Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch is your one-stop destination for the latest blockbuster releases, innovative indie games and exclusive free demos***. Be sure to visit Nintendo eShop throughout the summer to stay up-to-date on the hottest new games!

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