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Get the most out of your Wii or Nintendo DSi by downloading new software directly from the Wii Shop Channel or Nintendo DSi Shop in exchange for Nintendo Points. More information on WiiWare and Nintendo DSiWare can be found at the bottom of this article. This week, the following new releases are now available to download:


New, original games offering something for everyone!

NEVES Plus: Pantheon of Tangrams
Try your hand at the newest addicting puzzle craze to come out of Japan! Play by yourself or work together with up to 3 friends to move, rotate, and flip the seven Lucky stones into each of the 500+ harder-than-they-look silhouette puzzles. Or, you can challenge one another in any of the multiplayer modes!

Mister Bumblebee Racing Champion
Join Mr. Bumblebee in his first big adventure! Dodge huge flowers and beat all the other insects to the finish line with the crowd cheering in the grandstand all the way. This racing game is suitable for any age thanks to adjustable game speed.  Play alone or with up to four players on six tracks with four different game modes to choose from!

Virtual Console
Enjoy classic games from yesteryear on your Wii console!

FINAL FANTASY II – Super Nintendo
Follow the dark knight Cecil—Lord Captain of Baron’s elite force, the Red Wings—as he embarks on a fateful journey riddled with trials, betrayals, friendship, loss and self-discovery. Plagued with uncertainty over his monarch’s motives, can Cecil turn away from the path of darkness and destruction? Originally released as FINAL FANTASY II on SNES in North America, this game is in fact FINAL FANTASY IV from the main series chronology.

Nintendo DSiWare
Access a world of new possibilities with Nintendo DSiWare.

A Topsy Turvy Life The Turvys Strike Back
Turn the Nintendo DSi upside down! Play as the Imperial Armada out to destroy the Earth Defence Force in this topsy turvy take on arcade shooters! Command your armada by drawing lines to send your fighters down and touching your guards to  command them to shoot, then finish off the enemy with an enormous blast from the mother ship!

Tales in a Box: Hidden shapes in perspective!
Discover a new slant on hidden-object games! Using the Nintendo DSi system’s inner camera, you can peer ‘into’ the screen, tilting your head to view a scene from different angles for an impression of real depth. Journey through a fairy-tale world populated by characters from famous folk stories, looking around from all angles for hidden letters and objects. As you collect these, you will meet new characters and form words that reveal new stages!

Puffins: Let's Roll!
The Puffins need your help!  Reunite missing puffin eggs with their mothers by rolling them around 20 levels of fiendish puzzles. Beware of rocks, trees, ice and other hazards as you go. Don't take too long or bump into too many obstacles or you’ll have a cranky baby Puffin on your hands. So hurry up and get those eggs back home!

Advanced Circuits
With a train, a car or a tank, are you ready for a new challenge? This brain-boggling puzzle game will put your powers of deduction to the test. Complete the circuits by connecting squares on the game board with pieces of track. The rules are simple but the challenges are tough with over 60 predefined game boards and even a Free Play mode that lets you play on randomly-generated puzzles of your chosen size.

Descend into the world of Fieldrunners, one of the most anticipated and visually stunning games in mobile Tower Defence history! Defend and control the field using a diverse selection of upgradeable towers, using a wide array of tactics and strategies against countless waves of unique land and air combatants!

About WiiWare (Wii Shop Channel)
To discover more about WiiWare and read about the other WiiWare games currently available, visit the WiiWare home page.

About Virtual Console (Wii Shop Channel)
The Virtual Console is a treasure trove of classic games from past consoles like N64, NES, SNES, SEGA Mega Drive, SEGA MASTER SYSTEM, NEOGEO, Commodore 64 and TurboGrafx (PC Engine) and even the arcade era! Find your favourite games from yesteryear! Click here to read more about all Virtual Console games available.

About Nintendo DSiWare (Nintendo DSi Shop)
Nintendo DSiWare offers an ever-expanding collection of games and applications exclusive to Nintendo DSi. From useful applications like the Nintendo DSi Browser to bite-sized versions of your favourite games, there's always something new in store! Click here to read more about all Nintendo DSiWare games available.

About Nintendo Points
With your Nintendo DSi or Wii wirelessly connected to the Internet you can access the Nintendo DSi Shop or Wii Shop Channel and start browsing. In the Nintendo DSi Shop, you can turn Nintendo Points into Nintendo DSi Points and redeem them for Nintendo DSiWare games and applications. In the Wii Shop Channel, you can turn Nintendo Points into Wii Points and redeem them for Virtual Console games, Wii Channels or WiiWare games. Nintendo Points can be purchased at retail outlets. They can also be bought directly as Nintendo DSi Points in the Nintendo DSi Shop, or as Wii Points in the Wii Shop Channel. Click here to read more about Nintendo Points for the Nintendo DSi.