Shine like the star you are with our Kirby Super Star Ultra tips!


If you’ve already got your hands on Kirby Super Star Ultra for Nintendo DS, you’ll be well aware that the game boasts a wide variety of challenges to overcome. Perhaps some of those challenges are even getting the better of you as you work to thwart your scheming nemesis, King Dedede.

If so, there are a couple of possible solutions to your problems. The first option involves turning a similar shade of pink to the spherical hero of the game and crying over your inability to put his multitude of unique skills to good use.

The alternative, and recommended, option involves clicking here and visiting our ever expanding Games Support section. With tips on how to make the most of Kirby’s skill set and info on some of the game’s subtle secrets, your appetite for success will be satisfied in no time!

Kirby Super Star Ultra is in shops now, only for Nintendo DS