Iwata Asks: Flipnote Studio


Available to download for free to Nintendo DSi from Friday 14 August, Flipnote Studio is a creative tool that lets you simply jot down your thoughts for the day or create animations that can be shared with the world.

As part of the Iwata Asks series of interviews, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata met with some of the people behind the software and those working to make sure your personal Flipnote Studio creations can be enjoyed by a wider audience.

The seventh volume of interviews based around Nintendo DSi sees Mr. Iwata talking to Nintendo developers and staff from Hatena Inc. about how Flipnote Studio opens the door for global collaboration and the exchange of ideas in an exciting new way.

Also available to read from today is Mr. Iwata’s interview with renowned Japanese animator Yoichi Kotabe. Flanked by game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, Mr. Kotabe gives a video demonstration of Flipnote Studio’s potential and chronicles a longstanding role with Nintendo that started with the animation of a flying carpet over 20 years ago and led to a hand in the shaping of the company’s most iconic character.

Click here to access the interviews and find out how Flipnote Studio will get your creative juices flowing.

Flipnote Studio is a free Nintendo DSiWare application that will be available to download from the Nintendo DSi Shop from Friday 14 August.