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Turn over a new leaf and take on the role of the budding new barber in town, sprucing up the over-grown foliage of the locals in this unique “first-person groomer” on WiiWare.


Turn over a new leaf and take on the role of the budding new barber in town, sprucing up the over-grown foliage of the locals in this unique “first-person groomer” on WiiWare.

Make yourself comfortable in the real life barber shop atmosphere and get to grips with the tools of your trade. The simple to use Wii Remote controls allow you absolute styling freedom with your scissors, clippers, spray can and more, so don’t hold back!

Simply select your tool with the +Control Pad and press the B Button to use it. Aim carefully as you point at the screen to impress your colourful clientele with a few twists and turns. Demonstrate precision when creating a specific foliar fashion from a choice of over 30 styles or just show off your artistic flair and test their reactions.

Bonsai Barber was designed to let you play a little everyday, as each day you’ll have five new customers in the waiting room ready for you to comb and crop them back into style.

Your Bumper Book of Barber Business will help you stay up to date, its pages informing you of appointments, customer details, tools and more. Any awards, gifts and postcards from satisfied customers will be collected here as well. But be careful - if you miss an appointment, you’re going to hear about it, and your customers might even send an angry message to your Wii Message Board!

There’s no need to stress though. Bonsai Barber is actually a very relaxing game. On a steady learning curve you’ll trim, comb and prune your way to becoming an award winning Bonsai Barber with quick blasts of fun each day.


Every master craftsman needs a set of trusty tools. Your kit includes this crucial styling equipment:

Get scissor happy with your shiny new shears. They allow you to cut twigs and trim leaves. Twist them to get the best angle and snip with the tips to tidy up edges.

Shave away dead leaves and unsightly grey foliage from branches with your tickly clippers. Tidy up twigs at the ends of branches too and leave your customers smoothed and smiling.

Grab the comb when you need to tame some unruly branches and twigs. Put them back in their place and see your creations taking fine form.


This is an indispensable asset for a Bonsai Barber. If you happen to cut or shave a little too short on one side or need some regrowth after trimming dead leaves, pull out your spray can to squirt water and sprout new greenery in those thinned areas.


Use your camera wisely to capture the moment; you never know what might happen. Keep your favourite shots and send your handiwork to the Wii Message Boards of your friends.


Take a good swing at the Gong with your Mallet and shake off all those loose leaves to finish your perfected cuts.

Bear in mind that tools alone are not going to cut it – so to speak. A true artist is creative and explores new boundaries. So be adventurous and see what happens…


Hear more about Bonsai Barber from the games' developer, Martin Hollis, then tune in to the Nintendo Channel on your Wii console to watch a full interview at the Zoonami studio.

Martin Hollis, Zoonami’s founder and CEO, is a renowned game industry veteran of over 20 years and director/producer of the critically acclaimed first-person shooter GoldenEye 007 which has sold more than 8 million copies worldwide.

Zoonami is an independent producer and developer of entertainment software for video game consoles based in Cambridge, UK. As a company they are dedicated to making original, innovative games that will provide new experiences and strive to fulfil the player’s desire for variety with their creativity and originality.