Wii Sports Resort

Wii Sports Resort

System: Wii Release date: 24/07/2009
Wii Sports Resort
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Pay a visit to Wii Sports Resort, an exclusive getaway on a sun-soaked island where fun and competition collide, and you take charge of the athletic action with an amazing controller!

Remember the thrill of taking your first swing at the ball in Wii Sports Tennis? In those first moments with the Wii Remote in your hand, it was plain to see that the way video games could be enjoyed had leapt to a new level. With Wii Sports Resort, that sensation has returned thanks to the Wii MotionPlus accessory and Wii Remote Plus controller.

Wii MotionPlus is designed for easy attachment to the Wii Remote, whereas the Wii Remote Plus controller combines the advanced motion-sensing features of Wii MotionPlus with the Wii Remote. When used with specially designed games like Wii Sports Resort, these controllers track players’ movements in finer detail and with greater accuracy than ever before, building upon the innovative wireless function of the motion-sensing Wii Remote controller. Even the slightest twist of the wrist or turn of the body is replicated exactly on the TV screen, allowing users to become even more immersed in Wii gameplay.

Wii Sports Resort takes the inclusive fun and intuitive controls of the original Wii Sports to the next level, introducing a whole new set of entertaining and physically immersive activities. With the deep control enhancements of Wii MotionPlus and the Wii Remote Plus controller, veteran Wii users and newcomers alike can enjoy unprecedented gaming precision as they cruise on a water scooter, duel with swords, toss flying discs and much more.

In one challenge you’ll engage in some fencing action atop a platform surrounded by tranquil blue sea. As appealing as the water may look, however, the object of the exercise is to make sure it’s your opponent who ends up going for a swim by sending them over the edge. The precision controls ensure that every move you make with your sword is replicated perfectly. Swipe diagonally down to the left in your living room, and that’s what your Mii will do on the TV screen!

In a high-octane jet-ski challenge you’ll use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to steer your vehicle as you bounce over waves and negotiate floating checkpoints against the clock - revving your engine whenever you feel the need for speed by simply twisting the Wii Remote back towards yourself.

You’ll also be able to see how good your throwing arm is as you break the golden rule of never working with animals! Using the precision controls offered by Wii MotionPlus and Wii Remote Plus, you’ll aim for a specific target spot on the beach and try to make sure your flying disc arrives there at the same moment as your ever-willing hound! Being able to determine the flight path and angle of your flying disc before it leaves your hand is another fine example of how Wii MotionPlus and Wii Remote Plus offer an amazing degree of control.

  • Compete against friends and family in fun challenges set on or around the sun-soaked Wii Sports Resort.
  • Experience a new level of control with Wii Motion Plus and Wii Remote Plus. Players’ movements are now replicated in finer detail and with greater accuracy than ever before.
  • Enjoy challenges that are accessible to anyone immediately and deep enough for veteran Wii users to immerse themselves in.


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Basketball, Golf, Party, Simulation, Tennis

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  • Nunchuk +
  • Wii Remote
  • Wii Remote & Wii Remote Plus


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Wii (European version)

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