Wii Party

Wii Party

System: Wii Release date: 08/10/2010
Wii Party
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Welcome to the official website for Wii Party, a game that stands in the tradition of popular titles like Wii Sports Resort and Wii Fit Plus, meaning anyone can enjoy the fun regardless of age or experience with videogames!

It’s the party your Mii was made for!

Wii Party is an all-new collection of party games that's perfect for evenings when you have friends and family over or for just dipping into whenever you like. You’ll take control of Mii versions of yourself, and you’ll find loads of other Mii characters popping up in all kinds of situations!

There are more than 80 minigames to enjoy in 13 different game modes divided into three main categories, which we'll present here.

House Party

The Wii Remote becomes the star of the show!

Your versatile Wii Remote will really come into its own, making different animal noises for you to recognise, or turning into a time bomb you need to pass to your neighbour as quickly as possible. The action will transfer from the TV screen into the living room as you discover an all-new way to play Wii.

In Animal Tracker, you’ll hear different animal noises from each Wii Remote. Which one matches the animal on screen?

In Time Bomb, the Wii Remote is transformed into a ticking time bomb! Pass it on, but don’t shake it!

In Hide 'n' Hunt, hide the Wii Remote in the living room, and then have others search for it using the sound it emits as a guide!

In Buddy Quiz, one player takes centre stage while the other players try to guess what that player likes and how they feel!

In Word Bomb, can you think of the right word before the bomb explodes?

Party Games

Minigames for up to four players!

A wide variety of party games allow up to four players, some of which can be computer-controlled, to compete for victory. All the games are simple to grasp, so you can dive straight in and party.

In Board Game Island, four players take it in turns to roll the dice and move along the board to reach the goal. Earn bonus dice by doing well in the minigames along the way!

In Globe Trot, travel to all kinds of exotic locations around the world. Pick a card and hit the road! Win by reaching the most destinations and taking the most snapshots as souvenirs!

In Mii of a Kind, form two sets of three Mii characters of the same colour by swapping those in the middle with those in your area. Use the special Mii powers to your advantage!

In Spin-Off, spin the wheel and gather as many medals as you can! But can you hold on to them as well? Win the minigames and laugh all the way to the bank!

In Bingo, it’s one Mii ball after another… But will you be the quickest to complete a row on your card? Win a minigame to cross out any Mii you want!

Pair Games

Two-player action!

There are times when two’s company and three’s a crowd. Enjoy teaming up with another player, competing with them head to head, or checking your compatibility with Friend Connection.

In Friend Connection, answer five questions independently, then tackle one of the minigames together to find out how compatible the two of you truly are!

In Balance Boat, try to keep the ship level as you place Mii characters left and right on the mast. But beware, if you mess up in the minigames, the Mii characters’ sizes will vary - and then where will you put them?

In Match-Up, like the card game “Memory”, find Mii characters wearing clothes of the same colour to form pairs. And pay close attention to their faces…

Enjoy a Rich Variety of Minigames

When competing in Party Games or Pair Games, victory will be decided by a wildly varied selection of exciting minigames. You can also select individual minigames to play.

Wii Party contains more than 80 minigames!


Nintendo Selects

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