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Combine fitness and fun at home

Use the power of Wii in conjunction with the Wii Balance Board as you enjoy a home workout with a difference. Wii Fit Plus from Nintendo offers a new way to become more aware of your physical condition as you exercise at home and enjoy over 60 different activities and a host of exercise routines from the comfort of your living room.

With Wii Fit Plus, you’ll enjoy active gaming as you use the Wii Balance Board to try yoga, muscle workouts, aerobic exercises and balance games. It’s a whole new approach to keep fit that is flexible enough to fit in with your schedule and specific home workout demands. There’s even a helpful Calorie Check function that acts as your very own calorie counter. Take your first steps into a new type of fitness game experience by stepping on the Wii Balance Board!

Expand your keep fit options with the Wii Balance Board

Take your fitness training to a new level or jump into the Wii Fit experience for the first time with Wii Fit Plus and the Wii Balance Board. Expanding on the experience of the original, Wii Fit Plus includes all the features of the multi-million selling fitness game Wii Fit, but adds in new ways to exercise at home, have fun and become more health conscious. So step on the Wii Balance Board and continue your journey along the path to a healthier lifestyle!

Enjoy active gaming, Nintendo style!

Thanks to the Wii Balance Board and motion-sensing power of Wii, Wii Fit Plus makes it fun to experience exercise at home. As well as a huge variety of exercises, players can enjoy active gaming via 15 Training Plus games designed to offer a fun home workout for both mind and body. From taking part in a snowball fight to hitting the driving range, keep fit has never been so entertaining!

Exercise routines built around you

Wii Fit Plus is a health and fitness game that lets you dictate the way you exercise at home. Exercise routines can be tailor made based on how much time you have to exercise or which specific areas of fitness you want to focus on. Once you’ve created exercise routines that fit your needs perfectly, save them and return to them again and again for a truly personal keep fit experience.

Your calorie counter

To help you keep track of your progress as you exercise at home, Wii Fit Plus includes a handy system that acts as a calorie counter. Using the METs calculation system, the Calorie Check function allows you to determine just how many calories you have shed and track the effects of your exercise routines on the Wii Balance Board. You can even set goals for calorie loss before you exercise, choosing from icons of common foodstuffs and letting Wii Fit Plus know what you’re working towards.

Keep fit fun for everyone

As well as featuring a multiplayer mode that lets up to eight players compete in certain games together, Wii Fit Plus ensures it’s easy to switch between multiple player profiles at any time – keeping it simple for all the family to share in the experience of enjoying exercise at home. With Wii Fit Plus, there’s also the option of weighing pets and babies to get everyone in on the active gaming experience! From tailored exercise routines to a handy calorie counter and keep fit fun the whole family can enjoy, Wii Fit Plus and the Wii Balance Board take the possibilities of a home workout to an exciting new level!

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