Wii Chess

Wii Chess

System: Wii Release date: 18/01/2008

As of May 20th, 2014, the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service was discontinued and it is now no longer possible to use online features of Nintendo DS/DSi and Wii software such as online play, matchmaking, competitions and leaderboards. For more information, please visit our Support section.

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What is Wii Chess?

Easy to use and challenging no matter how experienced a player you are, Wii Chess presents one of the world’s most popular pastimes in a simple to use form that will have you hooked as you strive to become a master tactician!


While a standard chess board confines you to playing against whoever else you can track down, Wii Chess opens the way to all kinds of exciting challenges. As well as letting you play against a friend in two player mode, Wii Chess throws you into international competition as you challenge other players from around Europe online via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. It also lets experienced players face an extremely stiff test against the game itself thanks to one of the most advanced artificial intelligence systems on the planet.

For newcomers, Wii Chess will ease you in by displaying on-screen reminders of exactly where each piece can move – just in case you can’t tell your knight from your rook! And with the option of picking from a range of boards and pieces, you can find a style you are comfortable with as you master the finer points of the game.


As you advance you will also want to take advantage of the Analyse/Replay option, which lets you return to games you have already played and pick up from any point you like. It’s the perfect way to see where you went wrong in defeat and lets you have another try at correcting mistakes you might have made first time around.

Take your seat at the virtual table and prepare for a war of wits in Wii Chess! 

Can you Beat the System?

While the option of competing against friends and family, or taking on other players online is bound to keep you on your toes, there is one opponent you will face in Wii Chess that is sure to have even the toughest of players racking their brains.


The advanced artificial intelligence that awaits in Wii Chess is rated as one of the finest computer minds in the world, and is guaranteed to punish any sloppiness as you work your way towards securing checkmate. As keen chess players will know, there is a points system in place that gives an idea of exactly how skilled any particular player is. On the points scale, players with a rating of 2300 are considered among the world’s chess playing elite. On its most difficult setting, Wii Chess will replicate a player with a 2300 rating. According to a recent ratings list from the World Chess Federation, less than 2000 players in their global rankings have attained a rating of 2400 or over. So be prepared to face a true master when you sit down with Wii Chess!

Don’t worry though– if you want to face a more forgiving electronic opponent you can adjust the game’s difficulty setting to a level that suits you and give yourself a fighting chance. Just don’t expect any favours when you step up to face the best the computer has to throw at you. One wrong move, and it will be game over!

Play it Again

Nobody likes to slump to a crushing defeat, but thankfully Wii Chess gives you the opportunity to make up for your mistakes. By recording and replaying your games, you can return to previous matches you have played against the computer or a human opponent and pick up the game from any point.

A great tool to help beginners learn from their mistakes, and an ideal way for advanced players to finely tune their moves, Analyse/Replay mode will have you making the right moves in no time!

Take on Europe

Bring the tension of international competition into your home and challenge other players from around the continent by playing Wii Chess online.

Players who have their Wii console connected to the Internet can go online via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and pit their wits against other chess enthusiasts from all over Europe in strategic battles that are sure to be high on drama!


As well as having the option of competing against a random opponent over the Internet, you can always tackle a familiar foe by challenging someone on your Wii Friends list. Wii Friends can be added to your list after you exchange Wii numbers with them, clearing the way for as many online matches as it takes for you to assert your authority across the board!

While you play, you can pick a style and layout for your game that will not affect what your opponent sees on their screen, ensuring both players feel right at home when battle commences. Get online with Wii Chess and test your strategy skills in an international arena!


Board Game, Simulation, Strategy

Multiplayer mode



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  • Wii Remote & Wii Remote Plus



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  • 3



Wii (European version)

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