Trauma Center New Blood

Trauma Center New Blood

System: Wii Release date: 07/11/2008

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Alaska – the harsh northern extremity of America. Come April, the chilling winter begins to loosen its grip on the land. The seemingly endless nights grow shorter, day by day, and the frozen wilderness starts to thaw.

In the heart of this majestic setting lies a small town whose weary inhabitants eagerly await the arrival of spring. Montgomery Memorial Hospital watches over the town like an old man. In this remote hospital toil two doctors, Markus Vaughn and Valerie Blaylock, who share a common bond and are about to be swallowed by the jaws of fate…

The two doctors will be called upon to battle a deadly disease and become entangled in a conspiracy with dire ramifications. Only by honing their special healing gifts will Dr. Vaughn and Dr. Blaylock be able to save the precious lives placed in their hands and put a stop to the virus before it spreads to the furthest reaches of the planet.


Every good hospital drama needs a cast of colourful characters to bring the events inside and outside the operating room to life. In Trauma Center: New Blood, you’ll find those who are more interested in themselves than the patients in their care, as well as honest professionals who have dedicated their lives to saving others.

Markus Vaughn


Age: 34

One of the game’s two protagonists, he’s currently a surgeon at Montgomery Memorial, a remote hospital in Alaska. Although a bit stubborn and cynical, he takes his work seriously and always has a patient’s best interests in mind. He is one of a handful of surgeons who, as the result of intense concentration, can utilise an astonishing surgical technique known as the “Healing Touch.”

Valerie Blaylock


Age: 28

The other protagonist in the game. An intelligent, caring professional, Dr. Blaylock is eager to learn the Healing Touch from her colleague Dr. Vaughn, whom she followed to Montgomery Memorial. She’s passionate about her work and her career, and will speak her mind when necessary.

Elena Salazar


Age: 20

A former patient of Dr. Vaughn who underwent life-saving surgery. She studied to become a nurse so that she, too, could help people. Although she is still young, she is hard-working and not afraid of a challenge.

Miles Hoover

Director – Montgomery Memorial Hospital

Age: 64

The director of Montgomery Memorial Hospital, a small facility in a remote part of Alaska first established by Dr. Alan Montgomery. As his long career in medicine winds to a close, his surgical skills have grown a bit rusty. However, his patience and warm character have earned him the respect of the locals.

Lloyd Wilkens

Professor – Concordia Medical Institute

Age: 49

A professor at Concordia Medical Institute with whom Dr. Vaughn previously worked, conducting research. Even after Markus’s voluntary departure, Wilkens continued with his questionable research, leading to a startling discovery that puts not only himself but also his colleagues in terrible danger.

Irene Quatro

Director of Caduceus

Age: 51

The Director of the US branch of Caduceus, an internationally influential medical organisation. An intelligent woman who makes her decisions calmly and rationally, she has a background in psychology and is capable of reading people through keen observation. She is also an experienced, strong-willed leader with a reliable intuition.

Justin Everett


Age: 42

The head of the surgical department at Caduceus USA. He’s a down-to-earth family man who always puts his work and the welfare of others ahead of his own concerns. He’s also a team player who eagerly applauds the achievements of others.

Leonardo Bello


Age: 32

A confident, outspoken surgeon who performs difficult procedures live on the reality TV show Miracle Surgery. He won’t hesitate to publicly criticise others in the industry, and the show’s host, Guy Davidson, only eggs him on. His surgical skills are astonishing, which has enabled him to capture the television audience’s support and admiration.

Co-op Mode

In Trauma Center: New Blood, every move you make with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk could be a matter of life and death. Whenever you’re in the operating room, you’ll have to keep your hand steady and your mind focused to ensure the safety of your patients. Thankfully, for the first time in the Trauma Center series, you can share the burden of responsibility with another doctor and work side by side in co-op mode.

When you play with a friend, how you coordinate the operation is up to you. You and your partner each have your own set of instruments, so you can work together in the same area, or if there are multiple affected areas, work separately. One of you could apply antibiotic gel and maintain the patient‘s vitals while the other uses the laser. There are a number of possibilities, so it’s a good idea to plan ahead and decide who will do what.


  1. Player 1’s surgical instruments
  2. Player 2’s surgical instruments
  3. Player 1’s pointer
  4. Player 2’s pointer (this pointer will always be a different colour from player 1’s)



Multiplayer mode



1 - 2






  • Wii Remote & Wii Remote Plus



Age rating

  • 12



Wii (European version)

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