Mario sets off for the stars

Mario sets off for the stars in an all-new adventure!

Explore wild and wacky planets in the search for Power Stars.

Join the one and only Mario as you journey to mind-blowing planets where all-new pitfalls and perils await you.

What's the Story?

It is time once again for the Stardust Festival, held once every hundred years when the Mushroom Kingdom is showered in shining stardust. Receiving an invitation from Princess Peach, Mario heads for the castle accompanied by a stray star child he found wandering the cosmos. But when Mario arrives at the castle, it's already too late. Bowser has harnessed the power of the stars and whisked the helpless Peach away. An epic cosmic quest to rescue Peach is about to begin...



On a cosmic quest to rescue Princess Peach.


Baby Luma

The star child who lends Mario star power.



Does all he can to support Mario on his quest.


Your Loyal Partner Yoshi is Here!

All of Yoshi's familiar moves are present and correct as he swallows enemies and hovers in the air with his Flutter Jump. But might there be new abilities to discover...?


Playing Together is Easier than Ever!

Grab a second Wii Remote and team up with another player. This Co-Star Mode is more accessible than ever with a whole host of new things to do.

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Mario's Basic Controls

Courses Full of Tricks & Traps

All-New Transformations

Familiar Transformations

Yoshi's Moves

Eat special fruits and Yoshi will gain a range of abilities

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