Super Mario All-Stars - 25th Anniversary Edition

Super Mario All-Stars - 25th Anniversary Edition

System: Wii Release date: 03/12/2010

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Introduction to Super Mario All-Stars - 25th Anniversary Edition

Bring Super Mario history home and rediscover four classic platform games on one Wii Game Disc with Super Mario All-Stars – 25th Anniversary Edition! With four seminal games from the NES era polished with SNES-style graphics and sound, classic gameplay that requires just a Wii Remote (or another controller of choice) and the freedom to save your progress and revisit already cleared worlds whenever you like, now is the perfect time for Wii players to discover Mario’s roots!

Completing this collector’s edition are a Super Mario History booklet featuring original art from the ‘80s as well as insightful interviews with Mario’s makers and a Super Mario History Soundtrack CD chronicling the years 1985-2010, with theme tunes and sound effects from the original Super Mario Bros. all the way up to Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Dig deeper into the site for more details on everything that’s included in this ultimate Mario collection!



Super Mario Bros.

From the first bars of the iconic theme tune to the final showdown with Bowser, the original Super Mario Bros. contains magical moments that players of all ages have been enjoying for more than two decades.

At the heart of the game’s popularity lies a blend of instant accessibility and innovative ideas that have helped to shape the gaming landscape in the years since. Oh, and it also stars a plucky little plumber by the name of Mario!

Take charge of Mario (or his brother Luigi in two-player mode) as you run, jump and swim through the Mushroom Kingdom in a bid to rescue the kidnapped Princess Peach. Along the way you’ll bounce on the bad guys and grab handy Power-Ups like the Fire Flower or invincibility-endowing Super Star – all the while rediscovering the joy of leading Mario from left to right as you unearth the game’s subtle secrets and bid to reach the goal before your 1-Up supply bottoms out.

With more than 40 million copies sold, Super Mario Bros. marks the onset of an era that has spawned games, movies and television shows. Underpinning it all though, is a gem of a game that has stood the test of time and still holds plenty of challenge whether you’ve been there and done it or are just discovering Mario’s legacy for the first time.


Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

The original sequel to Super Mario Bros. was never released for the NES in Europe, although it was eventually released as part of Super Mario All-Stars for the SNES and on Virtual Console.

With challenging new level designs, trickier enemies and more secrets to discover, Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels ups the ante for players who reckon they’ve mastered all things Mario.

Minor adjustments to the gameplay formula of the original mean players can choose whether to play as Mario or Luigi, opting for Mario’s easier controls or taking advantage of the leaner brother’s ability to jump higher.

With the Mushroom Kingdom under even tighter control by Bowser’s forces, new challenges abound as you run into familiar enemies in unfamiliar settings. Don’t be surprised if you see Koopas underwater and Bloopers floating in midair – and expect to see more of Bowser than before! Add in gusts of wind that can knock Mario or Luigi clean off a platform and the introduction of the dreaded Poison Mushroom, and you have a world where those old-school Super Mario Bros. skills will be tested to an entirely different level!


Super Mario Bros. 2

Mario returns in Super Mario Bros. 2, and this time he’s brought a few friends along for the ride!

Super Mario Bros. 2 showcases the skills of even more Mushroom Kingdom characters by inviting you to play as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and the diminutive Toad. The broadening of the cast means players can make use of each hero’s unique moves - jumping higher with Luigi, running and digging faster with Toad or covering greater distances in the air with Peach.

Changing up the core gameplay from its predecessor, Super Mario Bros. 2 doesn’t see you dispatching of enemies with a well-timed stomp to the head. This time around you’ll have to beat the bad guys by throwing items firmly in their direction. Those items could include vegetables pulled from the ground, other enemies or the all-conquering POW block – which takes out every enemy in sight.

Also added to the mix is the inclusion of a health meter that can be increased by collecting mushrooms and replenished with floating hearts. And with the introduction of enemies like the explosive Bob-Omb and the promise of a final battle against the evil Wart, staying in tip-top health is well advised!

Finally, magic potions that open portals to dark mirror worlds and a new slot machine Bonus Game ensure Super Mario Bros. 2 takes the series in a new direction whilst ensuring pure platforming magic remains very much at its centre.


Super Mario Bros. 3

After a sojourn to the dream world of Subcon for Super Mario Bros. 2, Mario and Luigi are called to action in Mushroom World for their third great adventure.

In Super Mario Bros. 3, the fearless heroes get back to battling Bowser as he and his minions, the Koopalings, perform a cunning coup that leaves seven monarchs stuck in animal form. To set things right, Mario and Luigi will have to traverse eight huge worlds and face everything from the heat of the desert to giant Koopas blown up to four times their standard size!

Thankfully, the acclaimed Super Mario Bros. 3 features more ways to tackle the enemy than ever before: fly as Racoon Mario, swim as Frog Mario, throw fireballs as Fire Mario, and turn into an invincible statue as Tanooki Mario! Such transformations also ensure you’re equipped for tackling the unique perils of the heavily-armed airships the Koopalings have taken up residence in.

Super Mario Bros. 3 sees you traversing across a sprawling map full of hazardous courses, friendly Toad Houses and exciting minigames that went on to become a staple of future Mario adventures. Can you discover the host of secrets tucked away in the sprawling game world you’re tasked with saving?

On top of that, two players can go head to head in Battle Mode where it’s a race to collect five coins by defeating enemies exiting from pipes, Mario Bros.-style!


Super Mario History Booklet

Not only does Super Mario All-Stars – 25th Anniversary Edition give you the chance to enjoy four great Mario games on one disc, it also comes packaged with a special collector’s booklet that provides a rare glimpse into the creative process behind the Super Mario series from 1985 to 2010.

Covering every game in the series from the original Super Mario Bros. right through to Super Mario Galaxy 2, the booklet features a timeline of Mario’s adventures, original hand-drawn concept art from the pen of Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto and comments about each game from key development team members Takashi Tezuka and Koji Kondo. 

With a closing summary of Mario’s first 25 years in the spotlight from Miyamoto-san, this full-colour booklet will delight Mario fans as they discover the background behind the planet’s most famous plumber.



Super Mario History Soundtrack CD

Rounding off the Super Mario All-Stars - 25th Anniversary Edition is a CD featuring some of the most famous tunes and sounds from Mario’s 25 year gaming history.

With ten tracks from games in the Super Mario series and a selection of iconic sound effects, the CD will instantly transport you to the world of Mario and friends as you enjoy everything from the classic Super Mario Bros. Ground Theme to the lavish orchestral music of Super Mario Galaxy 2.

At the core of the creativity found in the instantly recognisable Mario music is composer Koji Kondo, who has been involved in the making of Super Mario soundtracks for 25 years. Along the way, Kondo-san’s music has reached millions of players worldwide and accompanied Mario on his greatest adventures.

Now you can take those distinctive Mario sounds with you wherever you go!

Track List

1.   Super Mario Bros. Ground Theme
2.   Super Mario Bros. 2 Ground Theme
3.   Super Mario Bros. 3 Athletic Theme
4.   Super Mario World Ground Theme
5.   Super Mario 64 Slider
6.   Super Mario Sunshine Delfino Plaza
7.   New Super Mario Bros. Main Theme
8.   Super Mario Galaxy Main Theme
9.   New Super Mario Bros. Wii Title Theme
10. Super Mario Galaxy 2 Main Theme (Trailer Arrangement)
11. Super Mario Bros. Coin
12. Super Mario Bros. Small Mario Jump
13. Super Mario Bros. Power Up
14. Super Mario Bros. 1-Up
15. Super Mario Bros. Pipe Travel / Power Down
16. Super Mario Bros. Hurry Up
17. Super Mario Bros. Lost a Life
18. Super Mario Bros. Game Over
19. Super Mario Bros. Course Clear
20. Super Mario Bros. World Clear


Action, Platformer

Multiplayer mode



1 - 2






  • Classic Controller +
  • Wii Remote,
  • GameCube Controller,
  • Wii Remote & Wii Remote Plus

Age rating

  • 3



Wii (European version)

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