Rune Factory: Frontier




Wii (European version)

Release date

Become the centre of a dramatic story as you take up residence in a town that needs a hero in more ways than one. In Rune Factory: Frontier for Wii, you’ll work the land, form relationships and play your part in reinvigorating your town as you lead life in any way you like. As your story evolves, you’ll be called on to do more than just develop the community - assuming the role of protector when a dark power begins to threaten your peaceful corner of the world.

Your story begins when you arrive in town and set to work on and around your own little patch of land. You can choose to focus your time on becoming an expert farmer, fisherman, craftsman or a jack of all trades as you go about your daily duties. You’ll gather food and supplies, plant crops, forge new items and tend the various creatures and monsters you’ve befriended in whatever order and at whatever pace you like. There’s near limitless potential for how you can while away the hours!

Not only will your efforts as a worker boost your finances and abilities, they will also cause the town to grow and attract new inhabitants. Soon there will be a diverse cast of folks to interact with in the surrounding area, all of whom could become friends, enemies or even potential marriage partners depending on your dealings with them.

However you chose to live and relate to people, just remember that peace and prosperity can be temporal. When an ominous power from above begins to threaten all you’ve worked to build, your only option is to fight back. Rune Factory: Frontier features dangerous dungeons that you’ll have to explore and rid of enemies if you want to become the hero you were surely born to be. Thankfully, as well as levelling up your skills as a farmer, fisherman or cook from one day to the next, you’ll also have the opportunity to expand your abilities in areas such as swordplay, weapon making and armour production - just to make sure that you’re ready for the day when trouble does inevitably darken your doorstep. 

Throughout your experience, you’ll have the option of using the various tools of your trade by making intuitive motions with the Wii Remote; taking you even closer to the physical demands of working and protecting the land regardless of whether you’re swinging your sword, tilling the earth or knocking on your neighbour’s door!

Become the centre of your own world in an engrossing, expansive new RPG for Wii that offers you the freedom to live as you like, and the means to fight back against the powers that would seek to snatch away all you’ve worked to create.

  • Pursue life-like relationships with the other residents in your town – making friends, enemies and perhaps even getting married.
  • Perform a huge variety of tasks as you work to bring prosperity to your town. Fish, forage, farm and expand your skill set in all kinds of areas. There are near limitless possibilities for how you can while away the hours!
  • Protect your town and its people by taking up arms against a shadowy enemy in the game’s various dungeons. Fight enemies and bosses in real-time battles and explore the most mysterious dungeon of all on a floating island above your town.
  • Use the Wii Remote to forage, fight and farm by making intuitive motions as an alternative to button controls, or control all the action with the Classic Controller.