Wii (European version)

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Got a steady hand and nerves of steel? Then you're ready to take on Kororinpa! In Hudson Soft's puzzle/action game, made especially for Wii, you must guide a ball carefully through a 3D maze floating high in the sky, collecting jewels in order to unlock the exit at the end.

Simply by tilting the motion-sensitive Wii Remote you have complete control over the angle of the playing surface; tilting and turning it to roll the ball around obstacles, along perilous ledges, through tunnels and across bridges towards the goal.

You’ll find yourself rolling through forests, cities and even a land made of candy as you try to manoeuvre your way to success and negotiate the huge variety of tricky barriers that stand in your way. Along the way you’ll unlock new balls to roll with – each one with different properties that make them better or worse in specific situations.

Will you have what it takes to roll with it and beat the game, or will Kororinpa tip you over the edge?

  • Tilt the Wii Remote to tilt the maze and roll your ball to the goal
  • Each course is littered with obstacles including magnets and slippery water
  • Challenge a friend in two-player split-screen race mode, to see who can finish a maze first