High School Musical: Sing It!




Wii (European version)

Release date

It’s time to loosen up your vocal chords and get ready for the audition of your life, the audition for High School Musical. Based on Disney’s “High School Musical” movie franchise, High School Musical: Sing It! for Wii puts you in the role of your favourite teen vocalists. The game lets you mix together your favourite “High School Musical” characters, songs and scenes as you sing and dance your way to stardom. With High School Musical: Sing It!, players express themselves through music with an all-new karaoke twist where they can choose their favourite “High School Musical” character and sing all of the songs from “High School Musical” and “High School Musical 2.” Packed with a USB microphone, High School Musical: Sing It! features motion-captured-choreography from the original movie’s dance routines and offers two play modes. Story Mode gives players a chance to live the movies, performing songs beginning from “Start of Something New” to “We’re All in this Together” and “What Time Is It?” In Party Mode, friends compete against each other in intense karaoke battles and take part in fun duets. Maybe everyone joins in for a sing-along – there’s no limit to the fun you can have! Each singer can choose their favourite backdrop and belt out solos or duets of approximately 30 hit songs, including popular tunes from other familiar Disney favourites.

  • Includes USB microphone
  • Sing and dance to all the songs from “High School Musical,” “High School Musical 2” and other popular tracks by familiar Disney stars
  • Includes motion-captured choreography from the original movie
  • Perform in either duets or solo songs among Story, Party and Quickplay Modes