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Feeling in the holiday mood? Maybe you’re planning a trip soon or you’re just longing to be back on the beach. Either way, Go Vacation for Wii will transform your living room into your very own family holiday destination. Set on the vast and tropical Kawawii Island, you can unlock 50 varying activities ranging in category from sports simulations to dance-based challenges either in single player or multiplayer mode, which will keep all ages entertained.

You are free to explore the expansive Kawawii Island to check out the sights and sounds it has to offer. Upon your journey you can explore four different resorts on the island, each of which boasts their own unique activities. To start your first activity you will need to visit the Reception Desk and then travel to your chosen resort using the themed vehicles designed for each location.

During the activities you can play against the computer or have some friendly rivalry with up to three of your friends. Enjoy exploring the whole island, its four resorts and all the games together in a four-player split-screen mode. Go Vacation is compatible with the Wii Wheel, Wii Remote Plus/Wii MotionPlus and the Wii Balance Board, which can be used in 17 different games. Take to your Wii Balance Board to master waves in the surfing activity or whizz down the side of a mountain in fast-paced snow races. Whichever control system you choose to use, you will be able to play against friends and family in a variety of fun ways.

When you have decided the type of activity you want to take part in, simply travel to one of the exotic resorts and get active. From surfing, beach volleyball and scuba diving in the Marine Resort to kayaking, horseback riding, rafting and clay shooting in the Mountain Resort. Fans of the slopes can take part in snowball fights, snowman making, snowmobile races and the ski jump in the Snow Resort and urbanites can choose pie throwing, hang gliding, mini golf and table hockey in the City Resort.

After jetting into Kawawii Island, you will be taken to the Reception Desk of the first resort, where you’ll be introduced to the Kawawii Island Stamp Dash. This special challenge, also playable in multiplayer mode, will require you to collect 20 stamps by playing the activities to unlock your own personal luxury villa. You will be able to let your creative side out as you decorate and furnish your villa to your own particular tastes, with different styles and types of furniture available for unlock during the games.

The customisation doesn’t end there; you can create your very own character and customise their appearance using a wide variety of options available or simply choose from one of the original characters in the game.

Collecting Silver and Gold keys will help you deck out your new villa. Gold keys unlock entire furniture sets whilst Silver keys, earned by completing various activities, can unlock specific items. Gold keys are hard to come by so much practice and mastery of certain activities will be required.

The resorts are also packed with hidden treasure chests, mini-games and collectable items that include new clothes and uniforms for your characters. Roam freely around the island to uncover these secret treats on your own or in the split-screen four-player mode. You will need to look out for red and blue balloons which contain Rumours that will help you find the treasure chests hidden around the island.

You can also choose to have a dog companion follow you around as you explore the island looking for treasure chests. Each dog can be personalised by talking to the local Dog Expert. Once you have customised your character and prized pooch, you can take holiday snaps of them and of your friends' characters and save them in the Album Mode.

With fun in the sun, sea, snow and city for all skill levels and abilities, Go Vacation from Namco Bandai offers the holiday of a lifetime from the comfort of your own home!

  • Move freely around four themed resorts and search for hidden treasures and secrets aplenty!
  • Ride jet skis, race cars, play beach volleyball, hang glide, fish, surf, scuba dive, skate, snowboard, sky dive and much more!
  • Try 50 activities and make the island feel like home by building your own villa and taking your pet dog wherever you go!
  • Enjoy exciting activities for up to four players in a game compatible with the Wii Balance Board, Wii Remote Plus, Wii Wheel and Wii Zapper.

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