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The quirky rhythm-based action of Rhythm Paradise returns, so get ready to gather your friends and family round the TV to experience a colourful world of quirky rhythm games!

Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise for Wii features 50 rhythm games and the eccentric characters and funny situations that Rhythm Paradise fans have come to know and love. From playing golf with Mandrill to controlling a flowerpot-punching karate man, everything has to be done in time to the beat to win.

Try not to let the craziness occurring on screen distract you from the music, because it's keeping the rhythm that counts. If you do stop to look at what’s going on then you won’t be disappointed, as each of the 50 rhythm games has its own short story featuring the classic Rhythm Paradise humour. In a European exclusive, fans will also be able to switch between the Japanese and English soundtracks covering many musical styles.

Be careful not to miss a beat! Losing the rhythm in Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise means you lose the game – but don’t worry, the controls are really easy to pick up! Just press the A Button or the A Button and B Button together! Half the fun is learning how to master each situation, and while the action is just as challenging as fans of the series would expect, beginners won’t be stuck for long thanks to the feature that allows you to check the correct performance of the song to help you to master the required rhythm.

Some games can be played in co-op mode*, so why not invite a friend to play with you? The aim is to play together and master the different rhythms – the more compatible you are, the higher your score! If you’re feeling particularly competitive then why not challenge your friend to play one of the Endless Dual Games? The fun doesn’t stop but the action becomes progressively harder as you go on – a real test of your rhythm skills.

For musical action that will challenge and amuse you in equal measure and keep you hooked for hours of fun, look no further than Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise for Wii. For further information, check out Iwata Asks – Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise at our Iwata Asks Hub!

  • The Rhythm Paradise series makes its debut on a home console with Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise for Wii
  • Get together to enjoy 50 rhythm games that are as much fun to play as they are to watch
  • Switch between the Japanese and English soundtracks, only in the European version

*Additional accessories required for multiplayer mode, sold separately.

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