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The Lylat System is in danger! Join Fox , Falco, Peppy and Slippy as you fight to protect the galaxy in Star Fox Zero, an epic 3D shooter only on Wii U. Lead the Star Fox team to exotic planets and into thrilling dogfights where you and your comrades will duke it out against the evil Andross’ invading empire!


Jump into the cockpit!

In Star Fox Zero, you’ll use an immersive control scheme that uses both the Wii U GamePad and the TV screen views to provide unique perspectives on the action.

On the TV, you’ll have a cinematic view of the action going on all around you. On the GamePad touch screen, you’re given a cockpit view and an aiming reticle that allows you to line up your shots with precision using motion controls. As an ace pilot, try to execute advanced flight techniques, such as somersaults and barrel rolls, to take down enemies with ease!

You can even blast through this space adventure with a friend in Co-op Play*! In this multiplayer mode, one player controls the craft on the TV screen using a Wii U Pro Controller or Wii Remote and Nunchuk while another aims and shoots using the Wii U GamePad.


By land, air and outer space!

As you fly from one planet to the next, you’ll pilot a variety of different vehicles such as the new drone-like Gyrowing and the classic Landmaster to fight off Andross’ forces on any front! Some vehicles can even transform into another type of craft: the legendary Arwing that Fox and the team fly can now transforms into a bipedal assault vehicle called the Walker.


With the Fox amiibo (sold separately), you can play with the Arwing from the classic SNES game and there might be another bonus waiting for you!

A new flight path!

However you choose to approach each mission, be on the lookout for useful items, collectible medals and even branching paths. Revisit a stage with different tactics and you may discover a teleporter that could lead you to a challenging new boss encounter or an entirely new planet!

Fly into battle and lead the fight against Andross in Star Fox Zero, only on Wii U!


Pesky robots strictly prohibited!

Join Slippy Toad and his uncle Grippy Toad as you protect different mining facilities from invading robots in Star Fox Guard on Nintendo eShop for Wii U. Visit the Star Fox Guard gamepage to find out more!

  • Join Fox, Falco, Peppy and Slippy as they fight to protect the Lylat System from Andross’s invasion
  • Immerse yourself in the action with a unique control scheme that uses both the TV screen and Wii U GamePad
  • Pilot a variety of vehicles – some can even transform to switch up your tactics!
  • Revisit stages filled with collectible Medals and explore branching paths to discover new challenges

See why Star Fox 64 fans will love Star Fox Zero!

*Additional accessories required for multiplayer mode, sold separately.

First Print Edition

A Star Fox Zero First Print Edition will be available in limited quantities at launch and includes a physical copy of Star Fox Zero, a physical copy of Star Fox Guard and a Premium SteelBook® software case.

Please note: Star Fox Guard is usually only available as a download version from Nintendo eShop, which means the First Print Edition is the only way to get Star Fox Guard on Game Disc!

Please check with your local retailer for information on current availability.

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