Just Dance 4

Imagine the scene. You’ve spent weeks organising the perfect party, painstakingly preparing invitations to bring your very coolest friends together for a night of lavish excitement, but by 7.30pm the pop’s lost its fizz and your guests are filing towards the door. You need to get everyone buzzing again, and fast, or your big night will go down in history as the worst party ever. The solution – stick Just Dance 4 on your Wii U and watch that sparkle come back at the drop of a novelty hat!

Your guests will be dancing on the ceiling when they see there’s over a whopping 40 new songs available. Shake a body to Jailhouse Rock, get ready for The Final Countdown or practise your lifts to (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life – but whatever you do, don’t put Baby in the corner. Plus on Wii U you can get down to exclusive tracks including Domino, Ain't No Other Man and more!

Find out who really is the greatest dancer with the new Battle Mode, where dancing better than your opponent will knock their health bar down to zero. Pit fleet feet against flat feet in five special mixes, each with its own unique head-to-head choreographies: Rick Astley gets the party rolling in Moves Like Jagger vs. Never Gonna Give You Up, while Tribal Dance vs. Rock Lobster brings a touch of kitsch to any competition.

Grab the Wii U GamePad and use Puppet Master mode to keep the dancers on their toes! Change the choreography in real-time by selecting your friends' next dance move on the GamePad touch screen. Be the ultimate party host by writing on-screen dedications to your friends and snapping pictures and videos of those unforgettable moments, all with the Wii U GamePad.

Come together with songs that feature four concurrent dance routines, giving everyone in your crew a chance to hog the limelight, even if just for a little while.

Kick-start the morning after the night before with an intensive workout in the enhanced and expanded Just Sweat mode. Create a personalised programme with brand new workout sessions and a real calorie counter that shows just how much fun staying fit can be.

  • Over 40 all-new tracks are sure to get your friends and family up and dancing

  • Shake and shimmy to KO the competition in the new Battle Mode

  • Count calories as you bust a move in the enhanced Just Sweat mode

* Additional accessories required for multiplayer mode, sold separately.

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Just Dance 4

TypeWii U
Release date30/11/2012

TypeDownload version (Wii U)
Release date30/11/2012