Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

Only the power of two can save Wasteland, a world filled with 80 years of forgotten Disney characters and theme park attractions. Set out for an unforgettable adventure as Mickey Mouse and, for the first time ever, Walt Disney’s first cartoon star Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two on Wii U!

Two of Disney’s most venerable characters have to work together in a blend of action, adventure and platforming. Change the world around you by channelling the power of paint and thinner with Mickey’s magic paintbrush, then use Oswald’s remote control to command electricity for a whole new style of gameplay.

Interact with a rich cast of characters in all-new levels and further explore areas from the original Disney Epic Mickey, now dramatically altered by the world-changing events that have torn Wasteland apart. On top of engaging 3D exploration, new 2D levels based on classic Disney animated films and shorts offer compelling puzzle-based, platforming gameplay.

Experience a unique approach to gameplay known as “PlayStyle Matters”, pioneered by Warren Spector and Junction Point Studios. As you tackle different challenges and explore a range of possibilities and storylines, your chosen actions carry consequences that can drastically alter the world around you.

At any time in the single-player mode, a second player can join in, allowing players to use both characters’ individual abilities to solve puzzles and reach new areas. Exclusive to Wii U, both players can experience full-screen gameplay – while one player watches the TV screen, the second player has a personal view of the action on the Wii U GamePad.

All characters are fully voiced by their official voice actors and, in true Disney tradition, music also plays a big part in Mickey and Oswald’s adventure. At key moments, characters will express themselves and move the story forward by bursting into song, in original tunes inspired by Disney’s illustrious melodic heritage. These songs’ melodies and arrangements will change based on the choices you make, tailoring the soundtrack to each individual player.

  • Bounce into a delightful cartoon-based platform adventure, with Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two on Wii U.
  • Explore Wasteland as Mickey Mouse and, for the first time, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
  • Use both characters’ unique abilities in two-player local co-operative gameplay
  • Witness how your choices change the world, its inhabitants, and more
  • Enjoy high-quality original music as characters sing their feelings in classic Disney style

* Additional accessories required for multiplayer mode, sold separately.

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Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

TypeDownload version (Wii U)
Release date21/02/2013

TypeWii U
Release date30/11/2012