Wii Sports Club

Wii Sports Club

System: Wii U Release date: 07/11/2013

Hello there, and welcome to the club! Come on in, grab a towel and relax – we hope you'll enjoy all the sports that we have to offer!

Wii Sports Club is a new way of experiencing all your favourite Wii Sports events, enhanced with new modes and features only available on Wii U. Enjoy deeper gameplay, online multiplayer* and the chance to join clubs, all while getting active with your favourite sporting events!


How you enjoy Wii Sports Club is up to you. The retail version gives you full, unlimited access to all five sports, while the download software offers a range of timed passes that let you choose which sports to play, and for how long.

If you purchase a Day Pass you'll get an all-inclusive 24-hour pass that lets you play all five sports to your heart's content within that period. Alternatively, buying a Single-Sport Pass for each individual sport means you can enjoy your chosen sport with no time restrictions – whether you prefer the court, the lanes, or somewhere else, it'll be open to you for keeps! The Baseball & Boxing - 2-in-1 Single-Sport Pass gives you full access to both sports for the price of one, perfect for fans of diamonds, rings, and gloves of both kinds!

Not sure which sports you fancy? Don't worry, you don't have to decide just yet – start Wii Sports Club for the first time and you'll get a complementary Day Pass**, giving you the chance to try out all the sports for free for 24 hours.

*Broadband Internet access required for online multiplayer.

** Only one free Day Pass per Wii U console is available. The 24-hour trial period begins when the software is started for the first time. Internet connection is required during play to use the Day Pass. The registration of Nintendo Network ID and acceptance of the Nintendo Network Agreement and Privacy Policy are required.

Please note: This software requires Wii Remote Plus or Wii Remote with Wii MotionPlus attached, sold separately. Additional accessories required for multiplayer mode, sold separately.

Depending on the Wii U hardware pack you own and your use of it, an additional storage device may be required to download software from Nintendo eShop.

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This content is sold by Nintendo of Europe GmbH, payable with Nintendo eShop funds registered with your Nintendo Network ID. The Nintendo Network Agreement applies to the purchase of this content.

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Please make sure you have enough storage to complete the download.

After you have completed the purchase, the download of the purchased content will start automatically. The content will be downloaded to the Wii U console linked to your Nintendo Network ID. Your Wii U console has to be updated and connected to the Internet with automatic downloads enabled, and it must have enough storage to complete the download.

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New on Wii U

Whether you're a newcomer to the world of Wii Sports Club or a seasoned pro, Wii U offers an experience that'll turn you into a true sports star!


Good Friends, Better Rivals

Each sport in Wii Sports Club offers not just a great single-player experience, but also the chance to play with friends. Whether you're playing locally in the same room or competing online against players from other countries, there's only room for one champion. Will it be you?

Train To Win

Improve your abilities in each sport through a multitude of specially-crafted training games. Play and earn medals that you can show off to your friends, then challenge them to beat your scores!


Stamp That Card!

When playing either alone or with friends locally, you'll have the chance to earn special stamps. Each one requires you to perform a sporting feat, and only true experts will be able to earn them all – have you got what it takes?

Join The Club!

It's all in the name! Join a club that represents a particular geographic region or nation and rise up the rankings by beating rival club members in online matches. Whether you play for fun or you're shooting for the top of the rankings, everyone's welcome in Wii Sports Club!


Communicate via Miiverse

Interact with your club colleagues via Miiverse, even in the middle of matches. Create drawings that sum up your feelings on your latest victory (or defeat!), and assign them to the +Control Pad for instant posting. You can even create Miiverse posts that appear automatically in fellow club members' matches to help spur them on!


Release date 7/11/2013


Do you fancy yourself as the next grass court champ, or just want to have a knock-about with friends? Whatever your choice, the Wii Sports Club Tennis courts are waiting for your best shot!

Playing tennis in Wii Sports Club is as easy to pick up as the real thing: you simply hold the Wii Remote Plus like the handle of a racket and swing for the ball. Your on-screen player moves towards the ball automatically, so all you have to concentrate on is hitting it!

Thanks to the precise motion controls of Wii Remote Plus, all the moves that you see in real tennis are possible: forehands, backhands, lobs, smashes and more. The force and angle of your shot determines where the ball goes, and you can even add spin by tilting the controller as you hit the ball.

Play locally with up to three friends and enjoy a lively game of doubles as you strive to win and collect special stamps. When fewer players are involved, computer-controlled players provide the opposition, specially-tailored to your abilities.


You can even take your game online and go up against opponents in other countries in either individual or team play. Pair up with a friend in the same room and test your teamwork against doubles opponents miles away!

If you want to polish your talent for tennis, take on a range of fun training games. Four players can even take it in turns to see who can set the highest score!


Release date 7/11/2013

Get your bowling shoes on, because the lanes in Wii Sports Club are open! Grab a ball and show those pins what you're made of!


By using the Wii Remote Plus in place of a bowling ball, Wii Sports Club takes the heavy lifting out of the popular pastime; simply aim at the pins with the +Control Pad, then swing your arm to launch the ball. And thanks to the accuracy of the Wii Remote Plus controller, you can even add spin by twisting your hand at the point of release. It might sound tricky, but it's really simple!

As with the real game, each player gets ten frames each to score points by knocking down as many pins as possible. Play with up to three friends to see who's the best, while also trying to rack up those special stamps. Or you can step into an online alley and face off against players from other countries, either in a regular game or with special rules involving more pins or obstacles on the lane.

If you want to work on your pin-smashing skills, take on a range of fun training games. Four players can even take it in turns to see who can set the highest score!


Release date 18/12/2013

New golf course now available!

Download a free software update to add the Resort course, containing nine extra holes! Find out more about Wii U software updates in our Support section.

Grab your clubs – it’s time to tee off! Take on 27* holes, including favourite classics and brand new challenges by swinging the Wii Remote Plus just like a real golf club.


Place your Wii U GamePad on the floor and stand over it to get a close-up of your ball's lie. Whether it's sat atop the tee or buried deep in the rough, you'll see it in detail on the GamePad.

When lining up your shot, stand over the ball and take up your stance, pointing the Wii Remote Plus down at the GamePad. Curve your shot by twisting your wrist to change the angle of the club face, which you can also see on the GamePad screen, letting you judge the perfect way to strike the ball. When you're ready, hold the A Button and swing the Wii Remote Plus – the faster you swing, the stronger the shot, so powerful drives and delicate chips are all at your disposal.


Shoot for the best score across two courses on your own, or take on challengers in local or online multiplayer. Choose whether you want to play across three, nine, or the traditional 18 holes in a thrilling fairway face-off!

If you want to work on your golfing skills, take on a range of fun training games. Four players can even take it in turns to see who can set the highest score!

*18 holes available as standard; 9 additional holes can be added by performing a free software update.


Release date 27/06/2014

Batter up! Two teams take to the field for three innings of fast pitches, sky-high home runs and last gasp catches, all brought to life through unique and intuitive controls with the Wii Remote Plus and Wii U GamePad.


While pitching, get a first-person view from the pitcher’s mound through the GamePad. Aim with precision, then keep your opponent guessing by picking a fastball, curveball, screwball or splitter, then set the power and let fly. If they manage to connect with the ball, keep your eye on the GamePad – you might get a chance to catch them out! Watch the GamePad screen and use motion controls to land the ball snugly in your fielder’s glove.


Flex your batting and pitching talents against a series of increasingly skilled computer-controlled teams, or play against a friend in two-player local multiplayer. You can look further afield for opponents in online multiplayer too, so whoever you play against, you’ll never be short of opposition.

Become a more well-rounded player with three Skill Shaper games that test your hitting, pitching and fielding prowess.


Release date 27/06/2014

Lace up your gloves, step into the ring and go toe-to-toe with your opponent over three rounds. Bob and weave to dodge their blows, then strike back to put them down on the canvas and out for the count. Start as a lowly no-hoper and rise through the ranks to take on tougher opponents, eventually working your way up to the champion. Can you make it to the top?


Wield two Wii Remote Plus controllers for a real boxing feel, or opt to play with just one controller and try to take your opponents down single-handed. However you play, you’ll have a full suite of jabs, hooks and uppercuts to use against your opponents, plus the ability to duck and sway to steer clear of the incoming punches.


Put pride on the line and take on all-comers in two-player local multiplayer, or rumble with faraway fighters in the online mode. When playing online you’ll automatically be matched with other players using the same control method as you, ensuring a fair fight.

Imagine you’re in your own training montage with a range of Skill Shaper training games that’ll test your speed, co-ordination and stamina, putting you on the road to becoming a real contender!


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