The Cave


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Wii U (European version)

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English, German, French, Italian, Spanish

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Assemble a team of adventurers and dive into the murky caverns in search of the darkness at their heart. Explore The Cave, a new adventure game from Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert and Double Fine, available to download from Nintendo eShop on Wii U.

Investigate a ginormous cave filled with puzzles that’ll twist your grey matter into little knots. Each character can only carry one item at a time, so there’s no hoarding everything you can lay your mitts on – you’ll need brains, not endless pockets, to solve the perplexing puzzles ahead.

But this isn’t your regular, run-of-the-mill cave – it talks for a start. What other mysteries lurk in its dingy depths? Well, there’s actually a medieval castle, a nuclear missile and underground carnival filled with attractions like the “The Amazing Two-Legged Woman”. There’s plenty more to discover, though; the cave told us so.

Pick three characters from a ragtag bunch of seven unlikely adventurers, each with a unique personality and ability, and switch between them as you try to get to the bottom of this curious cavern. Use the Monk’s telekinesis to move objects, teleport over short distances as the Time Traveller and marvel at the Hillbilly’s remarkable extended underwater breathing ability. Create mirage versions of the Twins, fix machines with the Scientist’s superior mind, fire the Adventurer’s grappling hook, and use the Knight’s invulnerability to withstand attack. With powers like that, surely a simple cave won’t pose any trouble… right?

Share all this satisfying puzzle-solving with a pair of pals by playing the whole adventure in local co-op.

Experience seven very different stories, full of humour, unique locations and puzzles, and uncover the astonishing secrets that lurk in the darkest depths of The Cave.

  • A brand new adventure game from Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert and Double Fine Productions
  • Pick three oddball characters and explore a side-scrolling world filled with puzzles and secrets
  • Have two friends over to your place and explore The Cave in three-player co-op

* Additional accessories required for multiplayer mode, sold separately.