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Get a grip on a unique blend of puzzles and platforms in Pullblox World, available from Nintendo eShop on Wii U! Climb to the top of puzzling structures by pushing and pulling their component blocks to create steps, then leap up the path to the summit!

Take on over 250 brand new brainteasers, discover new types of blocks with unique behaviours, and create your own puzzles in Pullblox Studio. You can even share your endeavours with the world via the World Pullblox Fair!


The children of Pullblox Park have been trapped inside giant blocky structures known as “Pullblox”, and it’s up to Mallo to climb the constructs and rescue them! With over 100 vastly varied levels in Pullblox Park, plus many more to tackle in other modes, success is all about the four Ps of perfect Pullblox play: planning, pushing, pulling, and precise jumping!

Pull and push

Each Pullblox structure is made up of blocks that can be pulled outward, creating handy platforms for Mallo to jump on during his ascent to the top. Each block can be pulled out and pushed in, but you can’t pull out a block you’re standing on, so plan carefully – and look before you leap!


Be kind, rewind!

If you make a leap of faith that doesn’t pay off, or you push when you should have pulled, help is at hand! Press the L Button to turn back time with the rewind function, then simply have another go. You can use rewind as often as you like in each stage, so don’t be afraid to try, try, and try again.


Gadgets galore

There’s much more to Pullblox than just pulling blocks. Look out for manholes that let you travel instantly from one block to another, as well as switches that pull out or push in all blocks of the same colour in the stage – perfect for when you need a helping hand.

Learn the ropes

Newcomers to Pullblox can take their first steps to Mallo mastery in the Training Area. Practise your jumps, block manipulation, and the more advanced skills you’ll need to solve the tricky challenges that lie ahead!


Create your own puzzles

While there are over 250 ready-made challenges to test your puzzle-solving prowess, the fun doesn’t have to stop once you’ve beaten every one – have a go at creating your own! Find out more in the Create and Share section.

Create and Share

Once you’ve learnt the ropes of playing Pullblox, it’s time to start creating your own puzzles. Turn the Pullblox of your imagination into reality with Pullblox Studio’s easy to use tools, then share them with other players around the world!

If you build it…

With the Wii U GamePad touch screen, it’s easy to create a puzzle – it’s almost like drawing a picture you can solve! Design your Pullblox by placing coloured blocks on the grid, place the goal, then take your creation for a spin! You can save and edit your puzzles later, so feel free to keep tweaking them to be the best they can be.


Send it out to the universe

Once you’ve solved your own puzzle, you can share it with other Pullblox players around the world. Create a QR Code and send it to Miiverse via World Pullblox Fair – you can even add a comment using unlockable Miiverse stamps so users know what to expect from your opus!

A huge supply of puzzles

World Pullblox Fair is home to a huge range of player-created puzzles available to enjoy right away! See what other players think of the puzzle before trying it for yourself – if you like what you see, you can even save it to your Pullblox Studio to play again and again!

Share with Nintendo 3DS Pullblox players too!

QR Code patterns created in Pullblox Studio can also be read by Pullblox on Nintendo 3DS, making your puzzles portable*! The process works in the other direction too, meaning there are already countless puzzles ready to import.

*Some puzzles created with Pullblox World are not compatible with Pullblox on Nintendo 3DS.

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