Sonic the Hedgehog™: Triple Trouble

While the evil genius Dr. Robotnik is testing the ultimate destructive weapon, one of his assistants makes a mistake, causing his lab to explode and scattering five of the Chaos Emeralds across the planet Mobius. Sonic and Tails spin-dash to collect them. Tricky Knuckles streaks right behind, with sticky-fingered Nack the Weasel joining the hunt too. It's a triple-threat race to see who will get the Emeralds first!

  • Three times the action and triple the trouble! Loop, blast and super spin-dash through six zones, five bonus rounds and a wild 3D stage
  • Check out Sonic's moves as he jams with his awesome Strike Dash, Jet-Boards on snow and ice, rolls in his Spin-Coaster and swims deep underwater with Propeller Shoes
  • Help Tails as he submarines through water with his Sea Fox and Heli-Tails to explore parts of the zone beyond Sonic's reach

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